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Running back William Griffin cancelled his visit to Nebraska. Did he see

Kenny Wilson finally officially committing and think that it wasn't for him?
No, and you might be surprised just what Griffin did and more importantly,



Who is the latest quarterback recruit for Nebraska for the class of 2007

and why might he be a better fit for the Huskers than the likes of

Jimmy Clausen or even Ryan Mallet ? This young man's father was

actually shot in the chest once, by a disgruntled parent, mad at this man,

the head coach of the football team, because he didn't play his son.


Everyone knows how good quarterback Jimmy Clausen is and how good

his team has been, but you might be surprised at how good his Oaks

Christian team is when it comes to Division 1-A candidates. They aren't

just good. When you talk about quality in combination with quantity,

they could be the best team in the country.


Running back Evan Royster is down to two teams now, Penn State and

Nebraska . The Nittany Lions have already beaten the big red for

A.J. Wallaceand most recently, J.B. Walton. Will they get Royster as

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