Huskers offer top, 2007 QB in Texas

The name of Ryan Mallett has been on the lips of many for over a year now. He has the size and is holding a fistful of offers. A littler known, but potentially better prospect, G.J. Kinne played for Canton (Texas) last year and ripped it up. He will be a four-year starter at the varsity level and earned some of the top awards in the state this year.

G.J. Kinne was doing about everything until this year. This year, the 6-foot-3 and 215 pound quarterback from Canton (Texas) decided not to play basketball. He is spending his time getting ready for football and for track. He admits that probably you won't be seeing his name atop any track leaders, but he is all about the team and getting ready for football.

"I decided not to play basketball this year and concentrate on football and track," Kinne said. "I will do the 110m hurdles, long jump and probably one of the relays. Probably the 4x400m. It's more of a conditioning thing. I am not going to win state or anything. I just want to keep in shape and help the team out a little bit."

The season has been over for about a month now for Kinne, but he was still surrounded by it as late as just a week ago. He was down in San Antonio to watch the All-American Game for the second year in a row. He was invited to the combine, for the second year in a row, but again did not participate.

"I was at the All-American Bowl, that was pretty exciting. I didn't take part in the combine. I watched it and just decided that I didn't have a lot to gain by doing it. I went down there last year, and I was invited, but I didn't work out."

"The game was great. It was a good game. Lots of great athletes. I was expecting a little more points to be put on the board, but you never know. The West team was running Southlakes's offense and you know how difficult that is to run."

While getting into the playoffs and winning state is always at the forefront of anyone's goals; Kinne was honest and said that he has thought about the honor of being selected for the U.S. Army All-American Game. "Yes, that is definitely one of my biggest goals. I can't wait if I get picked. I am already looking ahead."

This past season, Kinne had a brilliant junior campaign and led Canton deep into the playoffs. As a quarterback, he is considered a dual-threat player with the ability to stand in the pocket and pick you apart or tuck it and run it at any given moment (4.6 - 4.7 40-yard dash speed). In other words, a defense's worst nightmare.

"We finished 12-2. We went four rounds in the playoffs. We lost to the eventual state champion, the Tatum Eagles. I had over 4200 yards passing, 900 yards rushing and 42 touchdowns passing, 15 touchdowns rushing. I have been starting since my freshman year at Canton and I am a dual threat quarterback. I can stay in the pocket and throw, but I much more of a Vince Young kind of guy."

The statistics are eye-popping and are almost unbelievable. However, they are for real and so is the fact that Kinne is already holding nearly double-digit offers although he won't disclose the exact number or state who they are all from.

"They are getting up there, probably close to eight or nine. Somewhere around there. I think that my dad shared some with (in San Antonio) and I have some more, but I want to keep them on the down-low because I don't want anyone to think that I have a favorite."

One team that came out in the previous interview with his father in San Antonio is Nebraska. Nebraska has offered Kinne and Kinne said that Nebraska has a lot of things going for them potentially. He also said that he was honored who offered and that they said that they would be recruiting him hard this season.

"Nebraska has offered. It's a great offense. Pro-style offense. They have connections to the NFL. It would be a great place to go. I didn't really know about it, I was at the Alamo Bowl and I was there with my dad, and I guess the big-time recruiter for Nebraska saw some tape and told my dad that he was going to offer me. He also told my dad that he would be on me pretty close and down to see me. It was a great honor knowing that I could play for a team like Nebraska."

One team that might have an inside track at Kinne could be Baylor. Up until this coming year, Kinne was coached by his father. His father recently took a job in Waco. "My dad recently took a job at Baylor. He has been my coach my entire high school career."

While Baylor may have that in their favor, it is clear that when you talk to Kinne that he is about as wide-open as one could me. He has some ideas about what he is looking for in a college and that the big picture may not include early playing time, but he wants it to end with him playing on Sundays after his college career.

"Basically I want to come in and learn from a great quarterback coach and improve my game. I really believe that I can go onto the next level after college. I just want to be like a sponge and absorb everything about college. It would be great to play early, but if I have to wait and play my junior year then so be it. I just want to prove I can go onto the next level."

This summer is still up in the air for Kinne. He knows that he will hit the Elite Quarterback camp and will also do some one-day camps. He did a lot of camps last year and recommends it to everyone else. You can tell immediately in some cases where you might, or might not, want to go to school. He will be scaling the camps down from three-day to one-day camps though.

"I don't know exactly what camps I am going to go to. I am going to make it out to the Elite 11. I will probably just do the one-day camps this year, because I did the three-day camps last year and they kind of got a little boring. I definitely marked out some people when I went to the camps. I would definitely advise it. I will definitely be taking part in seven on seven this summer. We went to state last year. We were one of only three teams to make it."

When you talk about quarterbacks in the state of Texas for 2007 you obviously will think of Ryan Mallett. He has been bringing in offers from some of the top teams in the nation for over a year now. But, you will also mention Nick Foles from Austin (Texas) Westlake. Kinne has already been put to the test this year and came out ahead in one award, not just against players in other classes, but against upper-classmen.

"I think that a lot of people think that I am the best quarterback in Texas. Some people have Ryan Mallett up there and some people have me. Nick Foles is a big kid. I had a camp with him. He is very accurate. I was 3A Offensive player of the year. I was academic all-district. I was Texas High School Football Mr. Football. That is 1A-5A. That is over Greg McElroy, Matt Stafford, Sergio Kindle and all of those guys. That was a great honor."

The process will not end early for Kinne. He will go through the entire process, take his visits and weigh his options. He wants to make the right choice and will do all of his necessary research in making that decision. He has already been privy to some flattering recruiting techniques so early in the process.

"I definitely want to take all of my visits and do all that stuff first before coming to any leader. My dad is a coach at Baylor and I told him that I am open. When the coaches at Alabama heard about my dad getting the job at Baylor they text messaged me and I called them. They told me that they knew about my dad getting the job, but that they want me at Alabama. It was flattering, but I can see where this is going to go."

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