Major Culbert returns from San Diego State

It was perhaps an anti-climactic visit, but try telling that Husker fans. Major Culbert, following his recent commit to Nebraska, decided to keep his scheduled official visit to San Diego State. As Husker fans watched and waited, Culbert got to see another school, this one far closer to home. The question is now: is he still a Husker?

Normally when a recruit becomes a commit, that's it, end of story, no more visits, it's time to get ready for college. For Major Culbert, he had one official visit to go. It was to San Diego State, which might not be considered real competition for the Huskers, but it did fit what was one of Major's important criteria when this whole recruiting process began.

"I wanted to stay close to home," Culbert said. "There was a time I wasn't looking as hard at Nebraska as I was, because of that, but I couldn't ignore what they had going for them."

What that was, was safety coach Bill Busch, a coach Culbert had come to like and respect even more. Another factor that wasn't taken lightly was the fact that Nebraska wasn't losing just one safety, but both of their starters at those two positions.

It ended up trumping the thought he was going to be close to home, but this visit to the Aztecs could have still loomed as a possibility, if he saw enough there that impressed him as much as it did when he was in Lincoln.

It didn't.

"Oh, I'm still a Husker," Culbert said. "The visit was cool, but Nebraska is where I am going to be."

Culbert is already looking at the future of the big red, seeing himself playing either side of the ball, welcoming both opportunities with open arms. At running back, following a year where he ran for over 2,000 yards as a senior, he could see himself playing in the backfield. As a safety, he had two interceptions, seven sacks and over 50 tackles, so he could see himself playing there.

Basically, Major will play anywhere he fits the best

"It doesn't matter to me," Culbert said of the position he will ultimately play. "Nebraska has said that they will give me a shot at running back, but if that doesn't work out, I know they need players at safety. I don't mind, because I like playing both."

While Major doesn't model himself after anyone in particular at the safety spot, he does find himself admiring some of the most notorious hitters in the NFL. Names like Brian Dawkins and Sean Taylor are those that came instantly to mind.

What Culbert thinks when he gets a free shot on someone is probably similar to what those players feel as well. "I'm going through ‘em," Major said of going after the ball-carrier. "Go through ‘em and light ‘em up."

Culbert can't wait. So much so, he's enrolling during the Summer, so he can get acclimated to the campus, get to know his future teammates and of course, get a jump on school. His philosophy is that it's one thing to see the open spots out there for you to take, but another to actually take them. You still have to take it for your own. "You just have to be prepared and that means you have to work hard," Major said. "I know that I will have to do more and be better than I have ever been."

"That's what I want and the best thing is, I know Nebraska has the coaches to get me there. That's the biggest reason why I chose the Huskers."

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