Huskers look good to in-state OL/DT

The in-state talent for 2007 for the state of Nebraska could be very good next year and led by a "strong as an ox" of a lineman from Cozad (Nebr.). There is rich tradition from Cozad and Husker football. Brendan Holbein and Chris Dishman both came from Cozad and were important parts of Nebraska's success in the mid-90's.

Luke Pinkelman is well aware who Chris Dishman is, but only familiar with Holbein by name. Dishman, however, has been the name that Pinkelman has been chasing and passing at with the school's strength records.

"Chris Dishman was my swimming lessons teacher when I was little," Pinkelman said. "My dad was Chris' coach in high school. I passed a lot of his records already. I passed the 350 mark in bench. I think that I broke his squat too. I think that was around 350."

Pinkelman is well past those numbers being only a junior. He is currently benching 380 and squatting 490.

The season for Cozad (Nebr.) went well, but it never ends the way you want it to. "The season went good, we were 9-2," Pinkelman said. "It was a fun year. We kind of wanted to beat Imperial which we lost by two points. That was upsetting for us. It was a tough game."

Pinkelman wasn't aware of his total numbers for the season, but played both ways. "For defense I had the third-most tackles on the team. We really don't keep stats on offense for lineman. I was all-district and all-state as an offensive lineman."

"I prefer offense most of the time. It gives me a chance to open up lanes for big plays and get some points on the board. I think my strengths are in my power and strength. My height isn't too bad and I can get off of the ball pretty quick. On defense I have good balance, I don't get shifted around too much and I can stay low when going through the gaps."

Pinkelman grew up watching Nebraska and is planning on possibly taking a camp there this summer. As far was what he thinks about Nebraska right now, well, he knows their growing pains and has some advice.

"This summer I think that I am going to go to the Big Red football school. They are just changing their style a little bit and it just takes time. I know a little bit about what they are going through. We recently went some changes here at Cozad. It just takes time."

The question that Pinkelman might face will be will he play football or throw shot in college. He has made state as a freshman and a sophomore. The state record also seems to be within reach with two years to try to attain it.

"I throw shot-put. Last year I was first in Class B as a sophomore. As a freshman I finished fifth. Last year I threw 60' 2". The state record is around 66' I think. I want around 64' to 65' this year. I am already working out for that."

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