Nebraska comes up big with Thenarse

Recruiting is about selling. You sell tradition. You sell location. You sell game atmosphere. You can sell the coaching staff. You can also sell playing time. Being an in-coming safety to Nebraska is a very attractive proposition. A proposition that Ricky Thenarse definitely saw.

The big news for Ricky Thenarse was released last night at halftime of his basketball game. The decision for where he would be spending the next four to five years came down to Nebraska, Fresno State and Colorado. Who did the 6-foot-1 and 180 pound athlete choose?

"I announced last night, I did it," Thenarse said. "I am going to Nebraska. They are recruiting me as a corner/safety. I know when I go I can start."

Coach Busch was the primary recruiter for Nebraska with Thenarse. Beyond Busch's influence though the whole package at Nebraska really caught Ricky's eye. And in the end, it was too good to pass up.

"Coach Asante and I had a great visit to Nebraska. The fans, the academics, the whole program and they have that new facility that is being built stood out. I just want to be part of it."

The one thing that might have been over-looked last night was Ricky and his team's performance in the basketball game. "We won. I played good. I play power forward. I am averaging about eight points and about four or five rebounds. I give up size, but I play aggressive."

While Ricky is finding himself busy with school and basketball right now it won't get any easier. After basketball completes he is onto track. After track it's into conditioning and getting ready to be a Husker.

"I'll run track after basketball. I will run the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m. My best 100m time is 10.8. After that I will just be training for Lincoln. I am leaving in June after graduation to go to Lincoln.

The goals for Ricky don't end with his senior year or in Lincoln. Thenarse has set a high bar to get over for his goals. One goal came up in Big Red Report's conversation with Coach Elijah Asante.

"Just watching this kid develop and knowing where he comes from and knowing where he is going is amazing. He already has a long term goal, and I love to hear him say it, he says that he is going to be a hall of famer one day. That is a long term goal and a lot goes into that. Can you walk that route? There are slim chances that he does, but if he does I will remember that he said it to me. Let's say 25 plus years from now at Canton, Ohio I will remember that he said it."

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