2006 Big Red Report Nebraska Top 10 (Final)

Nebraska isn't Texas or Florida when it comes to churning out large quantities of division one players. However, there is a fairly consistent number of players that come out of Nebraska on a yearly basis. This year saw the top players who got offered to stay in-state and a few that didn't get opportunities elsewhere to play division one football.

While the talent level in-state about a year ago seemed about average from year to year, but as things close out and letter of intent are signed there were some real surprises in-state. Surprises that are reflected on a totally revised Big Red Report Nebraska Top 10. So the final list for 2006 is as follows:

1. D.J. Jones, OT, 6-5, 300, Omaha Central - D.J. committed to Nebraska early on in the process and relieved a lot of people's nerves. The early thoughts were that D.J. might consider riding out the process and taking trips. He was the second player, and second in-state player, to choose Nebraska this year. College Choice - Nebraska.

2. Ricky Henry, C/OG/DT, 6-3, 295, Omaha Burke - Ricky was actually the first member of Nebraska's 2006 class. On film you will see a player that uses his size and leverage well. Ricky is a stand-out on the wrestling mat as much as he is on the gridiron. Henry is an aggressive player and could play on either side of ball in college. College Choice - Nebraska.

3. Corey Young, RB/S, 6-0, 195, Millard North - Young is a really something to watch on film. While many wondered if he might get the chance to play running back in college a quick look at his film would have you then saying, 'Why not?'. Young has great speed and it will be interesting to see how much of that speed returns after knee surgery. College Choice - Nebraska.

4. Jeff Tarpinian, S/ATH, 6-2, 195, Millard North - The backfield didn't end with Young at Millard North. In fact Tarpinian might have been the biggest threat running the option. If he wasn't the biggest threat, then he is at least the largest quarterback at Millard North in recent history. Tarpinian will probably see his days in college playing on the other side of the ball. College Choice - Iowa.

5. Derrick Russell, WR/S, 6-4, 183, Lincoln Northstar - Russell may have as much potential as anyone in the state, but just doesn't have the polish to move him up any further. Russell has good speed (4.6), but at his slight weight he will either need to improve that time to blow past defenders or spend his days in tight bump and run needing to get physical. College Choice - Iowa State.

6. Paul Homer, FB/LB, 6-0, 222, Millard North - Homer comes in as the third from Millard North, but not any less talented. Homer has put up some eye-popping stats at middle linebacker, but will probably see his days playing fullback in college. Homer really needs to increase his speed, otherwise he is a very solid prospect. College Choice - Washington.

7. Ben Martin, OG/DE, 6-4, 235, Lincoln Southeast - One of the biggest surprises this year was the emergence of Martin. If you watch his film you will see good feet along the line. The question will be where will Martin end up in college? Can his speed be retained if he puts on 50 or 60 pounds? Martin has a lot of upside, but just too many questions to push him much higher in this top 10 list. College Choice - Nebraska.

8. Nathan Enderle, QB, 6-5, 211, North Platte - There really wasn't anyone that doubted that Enderle was a fabulous quarterback. One of the reasons that Enderle may have had to leave the state to play division one football was because of a lack of a couple of steps in the 40. The trade-off though is a smart, tall and strong-armed quarterback that really could emerge into a fine pocket passer. College Choice - Idaho.

9. Justin Makovicka, FB/LB, 6-1, 230, Brainard East Butler - The third Makovicka brother to go on and play college football will probably do so as a fullback which is only fitting. Justin has good speed and was really a productive runner in high school (averaging nearly six yards/carry). The question now is can he block not only for the run but in pass protection and can he catch the football? College Choice - Nebraska

10. Tony Purvis, CB/ATH, 6-0, 160, McCook - Tony's addition to this list is the largest surprise of the year, but give credit where it is due because Tony is an outstanding athlete. Purvis has great speed to go along with above average height when it comes to defensive backs. Purvis has been a large part to the success that McCook has had over the recent years. College Choice - Kansas State.

Honorable Mention: Jared Hyland, QB, Omaha Burke; Silas Fluellen, QB/ATH, Bellevue West; Tyler Bullock, WR/S, Lincoln Northstar; Mitch Mohr, TE, Genoa Twin River; Cole Bunner, OT, Elkhorn Mount Michael Benedictine; Scott Bayer, LB, Howells; Brendon Liess, CB/ATH, McCook; Greg Zuerlein, K, Lincoln Pius X, Alex Henery, P, Omaha Burke

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