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You new to the recruiting buzz that has been sweeping the country the last few years? Well, fear now, because we are here to help you out in knowing what to look for and what will happen when. So, as you already look to the class of 2007, we're here to give you a head start in telling you just what will be going on and why recruiting in February, March, April, etc., can be in ways, just as exciting as now.

Nebraska got their first commitment for the class of 2007 and it was none other than Omaha North's Niles Paul. A solid and very athletic 6 foot, 2 inch athlete, Paul brings to the table great versatility in being able to play either side of the ball, but he's got great natural instincts as a wideout. Already, he should be one of the top commits for this entire recruiting class coming up and he's from right here in the Husker state.


Point of fact, Nebraska , a state that averages somewhere around nine Division 1-A players a year in the sport of football, could break that average this time around. From the west side of the state all the way to Omaha , this could be a prep bumper crop in comparison to previous years.


You don't want to miss out on that and see for yourself just who goes where, and like Paul did not so very long ago, kids are pulling the trigger earlier and earlier nowadays, so it's best to stay ahead rather than playing catch-up until the season begins.


Also, don't forget spring ball, because we'll have up-to-date coverage on that and you can see the video interviews we have as we go one-on-one with the Huskers. There are lots of questions already being asked about this team going into next season and spring ball is where many of them could be answered:


  • Is Steve Octavien going to be healthy when Spring ball arrives?

    Octavien: The Comeback Kid?


  • Will Matt Herian finally and once again hit the football field with his outstanding athleticism and potential?


  • What in the heck is going to happen with that offensive line, because once again, it's going to look very different than just a year before?


  • Which running back will step up in take the place of Cory Ross?


  • Who is doing the best in trying to replace Le Kevin Smith and Titus Adams on the defensive interior?


  • Zac Taylor looked great in just his first year, so how much more can we expect from him as he goes into his final year at NU?


  • Tyrell Spain is back, Chris Brooks is healthy and almost every single receiver from last year returns for another round of the Midwest Coast offense. This group is deep, but what will that mean once they hit the field for spring ball?


  • Last year was about learning and acclimating for the Nebraska secondary and they lose two key starters at safety. Who is going to step up to take their place?


So many questions and we'll have the answers for you as this first round of off-season practices begins. You don't want to miss it, because this team that you see in the spring could be very close to the one you see take the field in the fall.




You don't get a break as just when spring ball gets over, combines are already going throughout the entire country and's U.S. Army All-American Combines give you the most detailed look you will have at some of the best prep-football players in the country.


From the first week of April, all the way through most of May, you will get to see and hear about the elite going at it head-to-head and see how they stack up. If that isn't enough, we'll be hitting a lot of the other combines around the country, so you don't miss a thing. It's where the elite go to prove they are that and those not considered that, try to take the elite down and make a name for themselves.


Well, you might have missed it already, but once May starts Evaluation Period starts and that means coaches from every school in the country hit the road to scour the practice fields of high schools from coast-to-coast, evaluating some, RE-evaluating others and this is a time where you see a lot of written offers go out the door. There are always players that come out of this with offers, who you might not have heard of before this, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled, because you never know who the "next" will be.

West got noticed at Husker camp
and is now a future Husker.


Then it's June and that means Summer Camps at the University of Nebraska , where the Husker coaches get to host some of the best players inside and outside of the state, getting their one real chance to evaluate players doing their drills, competing under their watchful eye. Future Husker Anthony West blew up at one of the sessions last year and he's going to be on his way to Lincoln to live his Husker dream.


There's two sessions of that and then it's the now famous Quarterback Academy and this happens to be where Harrison Beck first took the field at Nebraska . This is also where Ryan Mallet, one of the top quarterbacks for the class of 2007, took to the field in competition as just a sophomore. This could very well be where the next Husker quarterback competes, to prove that he is indeed one of the best.


Hey, don't look now, but it's July and there are tons of kids from all across the country making unofficial visits to many of the schools of their choice. You don't want to lose out on seeing who is heading where, because it could be on that fateful visit that this particular recruit sees exactly what they wanted to see and says they are the a Cornhusker-to-be.


Well, what do you know, we have hit August and it's time to gear up for the 2006 football season. Three weeks of practice, tons of practice reports, plus daily recaps of just how the next recruiting class if panning out. Is Maurice Purify the real deal? Will Kenny Wilson break the two-deep at running back or even start? Can Victory Haines, Carl Nicks, Rick Henry, D.J. Jones, Keith Williams and Cruz Barrett contribute to an offensive line which will be in dire need of some quality bodies this season?


Is everyone still healthy and good to go?


With recruiting there is no off-season, so that means with Husker football, there's no off-season as well. Once you think it's over, that's when everything is just beginning again. Make sure to keep track of all of that and more as we take you into the next year, keeping you up-to-date with the most accurate information on recruiting and the Huskers you can get.


It's your preview to 2006 and the class of 2007. Make sure you don't miss out on a thing.

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