Heiman makes a big change

The three years at Omaha (Nebr.) Gross might not had happened for Heiman at all had it not been for a relationship that a long time coach had with the coach at Gross. Before that, Heiman seemed destined to make his mark at Papillion (Nebr.) LaVista following his brother. He went to Gross, but has fate would have it, he is ending up at his old fave.

Steve Heiman will not be the quarterback at Omaha (Nebr.) Gross next year. The productive quarterback is taking his skills to an area school after he saw his coach at Gross fired following the season. He will be staying within the district and won't face any eligibility issues.

"Yeah, it happened right at semester," Heiman said. "As long as you are in the school district when you transfer then you can play right away. If not, then you have to wait 90 days. That is the eligibility rule."

Beyond Gross losing their coach and their quarterback they also lose a staff ace on the baseball team. "I will be playing baseball for Papillion - LaVista. I know a lot of people here. I was originally going to go here out of eighth grade. It's kind of a feeder system to schools, but my brother went there too and when I was growing up I really wanted to go there too."

Out of middle school, it seemed that Heiman was destined to attend Papillion (Nebr.) LaVista. If it weren't for the hard pursuit and a relationship that he shared indirectly with the coach at Gross he would have been at Papillion the entire time.

"I just got involved in the baseball camps and the football camps and I really wanted to go there (Papillion). Then Gross started calling my pee wee coach knew the coach at Gross really well and that is why I went there. They got on me pretty good about wanting to go there."

Heiman isn't going to a "empty cupboard" football team. He thinks that he will probably be better off for it, even if it includes playing defense. "They went two rounds deep into the playoffs. They won the first round against Bellevue West and lost the second round to Millard North. I think that their all-around record was 9-2, maybe. I am not for sure though."

"They have John Reiss coming back at quarterback and he was the starter last year. He's a dual-threat quarterback and last year was really his first year ever playing the position and he put up some big-time numbers. I think that he set the state record for pass completions and I think that he set the school record for passing yards. It was like over 2,000."

"I am looking very forward to the competition. It is going to help me a lot, college-wise, because there will be guys there that you have to compete with there. I am looking forward to it. They also want me to take a look at trying safety and learning that position. That is what they want me to plan on doing."

The off-season has kept Heiman busy trying to attain his goals. "I am actually lifting weights right now trying to get bigger and faster. I think that at the end of the season last year I weighed in at 176. Right now I am weighing 190. I am about 6-foot-3, too."

The summer will be busy with baseball, but he and his new coach have been working on some plans to get Heiman to some camps, even if they are just for one day. "Yeah definitely, the coach at Papillion said that he could call and get me one day camp deals so I wouldn't have to miss so much with baseball. He did that with Allen Evridge. I will find time though."

Heiman is going to enjoy another year in the sun this year without a care in the world, other than getting better. He can see that time though might be coming to an end and fairly soon. He believes that a decision could come next year in the spring whether or not he will play baseball ever again.

"There will be and I think that it will be coming soon I think. I think right when school gets out for the summer is when the decision will come. It will really depend on whether I will be playing summer baseball or not. If not I will be lifting weights in the summer and hitting the camps."

"If it came down to it tomorrow I would go with football. I love football. That is what I want to play. I am definitely going to keep all of my options open. That is a year down the road."

"I have played pretty good in baseball the last couple of years. One thing I have accomplished was my nine inning no-hitter against the number one team in the state. That was actually my sophomore summer too. My coaches were pretty impressed with that."

Heiman has enjoyed success in both sports and he is expanding his arsenal on the mound with a couple of other pitches. He isn't aware of any recruiting attention he might be receiving for baseball yet, but that could be just around the corner or could be bigger than just a college looking at him.

"That game I really only threw the fastball and curveball. I have a knuckle-curve. I am working on my change-up right now. I am trying to learn a slider, but it's tough with my arm angle. I haven't been getting any recruiting attention for baseball, at least none that I know of."

"I threw with a guy down in Lincoln that played for the Kansas City Royals and he told me, called me up one night, and said that I was on the Dodgers scouting report. I would consider a jump straight to the majors. I want to keep my options open because I don't know what is going to happen down the road. It really depends on what kind of offers I get for football and baseball."

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