"Just look out for me!"

There isn't a lot that anyone really knows about Pierre Allen and there isn't anything that a 10 minute interview can really do to fill in the gaps. What is known is that on paper he is a physical specimen. What else is known is that his football coach thinks a lot about Allen as a player. However getting Allen to admit to all of that is something else.

There isn't anything wrong with being humble. It is a trait that many think that the younger generation lack. Not Pierre Allen. He is about team first and finds it very difficult to compliment and break down himself as a player.

Allen is a 6-foot-5 and 220 pound tight end/defensive end/wide receiver that could play any and all in division one football. The standout from Denver (Colo.) Thomas Jefferson is committed to Nebraska to play football, but is having a great year on the hard court.

"We got off to a 5-0 start," Allen said. "We were doing great. I am averaging about 23 points per game. Then we lost three out of four in a tournament. We have been having a little trouble. We lost three games by one point and another by three."

"I hit a buzzer-beater and they said it was too late afterward. Seven of our eight losses have been really close. We are 9-7. I lead the state in rebounds and blocked shots per game. I average 15 rebounds per game and four blocked shots per game."

Allen will be heading to Lincoln to play football, but has asked about trying his hand at college basketball too. "Yeah I am going to try and walk on and play. I talked to coaches when I first committed about walking on. I haven't spoke to them since. Everybody was cool with it; the football coaches and everybody."

Nebraska had a bit of a recruiting advantage that they definitely used in getting Allen. There is a former Thomas Jefferson player that starred at Nebraska the past couple of years that made sure that Pierre saw what he needed to see to make his decision in favor of Nebraska.

"When I went out there I had Cory Ross as my host and he used to go to "T.J.". I already kind of knew him and he showed me a good time. Also, I just fell in love with the coaches and they sounded to me like they were going to support me a lot in the future. The academics were great. I loved the atmosphere there. That was unlike anything I had seen before."

Allen has a unique combination of size, speed and athleticism. A combination that in early in his career could see him play one position to move onto another as his body continues to develop. The coaches at Nebraska have some early plans for Allen. He, however, sees himself as a force on the other side of the football.

"Coach Gilmore said that Coach Callahan wants to get me some reps at tight end. I see myself more as a defensive player. It doesn't matter to me. Whatever gets me on the field quicker I will play."

Allen struggled to do it, but he did mention what his strengths were at defensive end. "I don't weigh as much as the rest of them up there at Nebraska right now, but I probably will when I am all done. I am very quick coming off of the ball. Right ends and tackles have a hard time trying to stop me because I am very quick."

Allen could be the complete package at tight end. He can run and catch as well as some wide receivers. He can also come in and be a good blocker. "I am quicker than the rest of the tight ends. I can block. My hands are real good. I can catch like a wide receiver."

One thing is for sure, the anticipation for years to come doesn't end with just the fans at Nebraska. The recruits see the road back to being one of the best programs in the nation too being laid down by Coach Bill Callahan and his staff in Lincoln.

"We have a good recruiting class coming and there are a lot of good players that will still be there that I met while I was down there that were only juniors, sophomores and freshmen. I think that we will be pretty good when my class gets up there."

Allen wasn't sure what he would say at first to the Husker Nation if he had a chance to address them. However, after a little thought what he would say gets the blood racing looking forward to his future. "I would just tell them that I will be up there, I am going to give them my all and to look out for me because I will be the next great player to come out of Nebraska. Just look out for me!"

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