Big Texas WR will take shot at defense

Looking for size? Jacob Amie has it. Looking for speed? Jacob Amie has that too. Looking for strength, athleticism and the ability to play numerous positions. Jacob Amie has got it. Amie is a huge wide receiver that will get his chance next year to play some defense as well. Check out this physical specimen!

Jacob Amie could be exaggerating, but why? I mean he claims to be 6-foot-4.5, 230 pounds, 4.5/40 and a 37 or 38-inch vertical jump. Now who is going to make that up? Amie stands behind it. The receiver from Tyler (Texas) Lee had a good year, but his team did not.

"My team didn't do very good, I think that we won maybe three games," "This is not a typical Lee team. We just couldn't get it all together this year. We have a lot of talent coming back next year. I think that we have 13 starters coming back next year."

Amie's team didn't do very good and despite averaging 16 yard per reception he failed to reach the endzone. "I had 20 receptions for 324 yards and no touchdowns. I had no touchdowns. I averaged 16 yards per catch, but I couldn't find the endzone. I don't know what honors I won."

Amie played on offense and at wide receiver solely last year. That will change for his senior campaign. "I played wide receiver last year, but my coach was telling me that I might have to start both-ways next year. I would play defensive end then."

There aren't many wide receivers anywhere that can double as a defensive end, but Amie isn't your typical wide receiver. He's anything but typical. "I have really good strength. I bench press 335 pounds. That is a plus for me. I run about a 4.5/40 and I weight 230 pounds. I am 6-foot-4.5 and 230 pounds."

Not surprisingly, Amie said that breaking tackles was his biggest strength playing wide receiver. "It's easy for me to break tackles. I broke like two or three tackles every time I caught the ball. It was easy to jump over them and stuff like that too. I have got about a 37 or a 38-inch vertical."

Playing defensive end isn't totally foreign to Amie. He got a chance to play there a bit as a freshman. "I played defensive end as a freshman. Most of the time the offensive lineman will be too slow to block me. I can get around them easily and they tire out quicker than I do."

Despite his willingness to get on the field to play defense and the physical ability to do so as well, Amie has a preference still to offense. "I want to play offense in college. I want to play some receiver."

Amie is getting some early recruiting attention by a few Big 12 South teams as well as a team that was in a BCS bowl game last year. He is getting hand-written letters from all of them. "I am getting recruited by Texas Tech first of all, also Oklahoma State. I get a ton of handwritten letters. Texas A&M and Notre Dame also write me as well."

Amie stars on the hard court as well as the gridiron. The basketball team is enjoying success that the football team did not. "I am in basketball right now. We are in first place in the district. I play the "3" and the "4". I am averaging 12 points per game or so. I don't know how many rebounds I am getting."

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