Huskers first to offer Colorado big man

Colorado prepster, Offensive lineman Ryan Miller seems to becoming a popular kid these days. Since his first offer in writing, the letters have been coming in a deluge. It's good to know that schools from coast-to-coast are looking at you as someone they might consider to be a top priority. But for Miller, he could already have a top priority of his own. While recruiting is just getting going, Miller could have his mind set on one particular school for the future.

Growing up in Colorado, there isn't a real fanaticism for many of the major collegiate programs, but there are plenty of fans nonetheless. Some that remember the glory days of the football team, when Kordell Stewart's last-second heroics secured a win over Michigan, propelling the ‘Buffs to a share of the national title that year.

You don't have to ask Ryan Miller about that moment as when he recalls the most telling moments of his time as a ‘Buff fan, that one tops the list.

At the bottom?

"Probably the last minute against Nebraska," Miller said of when Nebraska beat Colorado this last season 30-3 in Boulder – a game he attended. "I wasn't real happy with how that game turned out."

It's kind of funny that Nebraska beating Colorado was what initially crossed Miller's mind as being the worst moment of the year. One can hardly forget the conference title game where the eventual national champion Texas Longhorns mauled the Buffaloes in record-setting fashion 70-3.

That's how it is in Colorado, though, Nebraska standing as THE team to beat even if Nebraska is just another team.

Call it irony then that Millers first and only offer at this point came from those same Huskers. Of that offer that came not long after Christmas, Miller said that it caused a humorous reaction in some. "Yeah, I think everyone laughed about it," Miller said of his first offer coming from the big red. "When I was getting all the letters from Nebraska, someone asked me if I wanted them to just throw the letters away."

"But I figure it's Division one, it's football, so it's nice getting that first offer, no matter who it's from."

Growing up a fan of CU, Miller has obviously followed the recent events at the University with much curiosity. From the coaching tenure of Barnett, Miller now looks at the old Boise State coach Dan Hawkins. Ryan said that he didn't know as much as he wanted to know of the new staff yet, but what he did know he liked very much. "Coach Hawkins is a stud," Miller said. "I like what they do and how they do it and they e-mailed me not very long ago."

Ryan didn't mix words about his wishes of wanting to be a Buffalo in the future, but said that with the letters he's receiving and where they are coming from, he's certainly not closing the door on anyone else. Miller said that his primary goal is simply to play football at the Division 1-A level, so if it wasn't Colorado, that wouldn't be a problem for him.

"I just want to play," he said. "Colorado is a dream school I guess you could say, but there are a lot of teams out there that are showing interest right now. So, I am not closing the door on anyone, but CU would be a great place to play."

At 6 foot, 8 inches tall, weighing around 270 pounds, Miller has the frame for building upon and the attitude which works well in the trenches. It's one basically of using his size to his advantage, but using his mind-set more. "You have to be aggressive and think that no matter how big the guy is across from you, you are going to dominate them from the start of the game to the end," he said.

"That's always the attitude I go in with, because you have to if you want to win."

Aside from the offer from Nebraska, the attention has been considerable from other major schools such as USC, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Colorado, Colorado State, Iowa State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Boston College and Texas Tech. So, if the offer doesn't come from the ‘Buffs, Miller feels pretty good about where he could potentially be.

If he does get that offer, though, while Miller insists that nothing is for certain, where his grandfather played center is where he could end up playing offensive line as well. "Colorado is a great place," he said. "I like what they are doing there and it would be really nice to be that close to home."

"That's definitely not the only place I am considering, but I know they are really high on my list."

As for Nebraska? "Hey, it's Division 1 and that's the division I want to play," he said. "I guess we'll just see how the recruiting goes."

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