Getting To Know: Andre Jones

One of the class gems for Nebraska in 2006-07 has to be Andre Jones. Jones was a highly recruited and decorated junior college defensive back. He has all of the hype that Zac Bowman did last year and may be one of the players that people expect to make an early impact at Nebraska. Big Red Report caught up with Andre for a "Getting To Know" session.

Name: Andre Jones
School: Fresno (Calif.) City College
Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 195 pounds
40-time: 4.3

Position(s) played last year: Cornerback and Special Teams

Stats: 54 tackles and five interceptions

Honors: First team all-conference and first team all-American as a freshman and a sophomore

Official Visit Date: October 8, Texas Tech game

Enjoyed the most on official visit: "I just loved the players. The players really got to me. The coaches got to me. They are just so willing and wanting to win. There just isn't any jealousy there. Sometimes you visit a place and you meet a guy that you are trying to fill his position, too. They have that hate and that animosity. They aren't all that friendly. When I went to Nebraska it was totally different. When I met Zac Bowman he was happy that I committed. That dude called me all the time and so did Cortney Grixby. I just fell in love with it and I am already a part of the family."

Biggest factor in choosing Nebraska: "The players, the coaches and the fans. Definitely. Also, my mother loved the school and that made the decision that much easier."

Other schools considered: USC, California, Oregon, Oregon State and Tennessee

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to getting to Nebraska: "Well first of all, number one, I am looking forward to getting settled in and getting ready to come in and impact this team now. I want to come there already in shape, willing to learn, willing to get used to that system, and get bigger, faster and stronger. I am looking just forward to helping that team immediately."

Funny recruiting story: "When me and Steve walked through that tunnel before the game, you know that little walkway that the team has to go through, and when we came out the tunnel and walked out onto the field everyone just started screaming. We were just standing around because we were thinking that the team was right behind us. But, we didn't know that they were screaming our names. It was a trip. I think that Steve pointed it out to me and said, "Andre do you hear them?". I just said, 'Yeah this is crazy!' He said listen to what they are saying 'Andre Jones! Andre Jones! Steve Allen! Steve Allen!' I called my mom up immediately and she said 'Are they screaming your name?'. I just said 'Yes!'. That was just crazy. That was funny and overwhelming to me. I turned around and threw the bones and everyone about fell out of the stands. It was crazy. I was loving it."

Number desired: "I want to wear 21 because that has been my favorite number my whole life. Deion Sanders wore that number and he's my idol. I see there's a guy that is there that has that number. I might want to wear "3" or something like that. I am thinking that I want to wear a number at that school that no one else has wore before at corner so I can make that number a number that other players will want to wear. I want to make something new of that number."

Message to Husker Nation: "Thank you for welcoming in as family. I am glad to be a Cornhusker."

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