Signing Day was more than just about signings

Signing Day is a tradition in and of itself in the eyes of the diehard recruitnik. And there are more and more of those recruitniks as the years progress, recruiting becoming almost as commonplace in the media as the sports in which these athletes play. Well, there's another tradition we here at Big Red Report hoped to have started and that was with the Coloradans for Nebraska. We had the great pleasure of spending post signing day with them and a few other names you might remember.

One hardly thinks of Colorado first when you are pondering the various hotbeds for Husker fans across the country. While that may be true on the campus of the University of Colorado itself, there are plenty of havens around the mountain state, where Husker fans gather in droves.


Following "Signing Day", Lone Tree, Colorado was one of those places, at one of the four "Fox and Hound" restaurant locations throughout the Denver area. On February 4th, we ventured down to Colorado to hook up with the President of CFN Tim Carrothers, and approximately 200 members of the CFN organization.


An estimated 200 people showed up for the event, all clad in red, all eager
to see just what this new crop of Huskers looked like.


It's hard to do better than a Fox and Hound, the establishments always being gargantuan in size and this one was no exception. TVs galore, a buffet to die for and of course, wall-to-wall fans clad in red.


While I have covered Nebraska for a few years now and have been a fan for most of my life, it will never cease to amaze me how you can travel to any part of this country, throw out a Husker flag and

Jess Kosch owns three national title rings
before you know it, you have throngs of avid followers of the Huskers knocking at your door.


They did, but they had some company and probably a good reason most of them showed up as former Huskers Jesse Kosch and Lee Kunz dropped by to talk to the group, along with former Husker coach Scott Downing, who talked some generalities about recruiting, but he was more than eager to share with everyone his new career at the University of Northern Colorado, where his coaching career will continue.


As for myself, my role was to, of course, share the recruit video, talk about the kids coming in and even the kids of 2007. Recruiting never ends, you know. And we touched on a few current issues with an energetic Q&A, where the theme was about recruiting, but about some of the current players in general. Oh, and Matt Herian's name came up.


Weird, eh?


Kunz talks about his days as a
Husker and Chicago Bear.
I swear he's been more popular during rehab than he was during his freshman year when he averaged over 40 yards a catch.


During the course of the events, both Kosch and Kunz got up to speak and you can imagine that each had a plethora of insight into what makes a great team and what dealing with great players is like.


Did you know that Lee Kunz a former linebacker for the Huskers, was the one asked to groom another linebacker, but this one for the Chicago Bears? Yeah, Lee saw the writing on the wall with this one, because it turned out that Mike Singletary ended up being pretty decent.


As for Kosch, he came with rings galore, three of them in fact, commemorating each of the great teams he was a part of while he played for the big red.


Another did you know: Kosch punted an average of just over two times a game during the '95 season. That is one of the lowest per-game totals in NCAA history. Not bad for a punter who had over 3,000 yards as a running back for Columbus Scotus.


You could call the theme of this get together "what it takes to win" as Kosch has been there, Kunz certainly knows what it's like and between this recruiting class and the last year for the Huskers, that's what everyone is expecting for the future.

Coloradans for Nebraska president Tim
Carrothers (right) and myself


Of course, while there is much to do about why people gather together, for the Coloradans for Nebraska , it's another chance to get together and enjoy with each other what they enjoy on their own so much.


I know we had a great time and Tim was kind enough to invite us back and we'll hopefully be in Lincoln next year as well. Until then, thanks to those of you that attended, to Kunz, Kosch and Downing for stopping by and to Jeff Carter, general manager of the Fox and Hound, for being an exceptional host for our first time down in Colorado.


We'll see you down there next year, but stay tuned to the site, because like I said, recruiting never end, which means Nebraska football never ends. It just has a whole lot of different beginnings.

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