Getting To Know: D.J. Jones

In the mid-90's, the success for Nebraska centered not just on the speed that they had on defense or their skill players on offense, but with their road-grading lineman on offense as well. Most of those players hailed from in-state as well and D.J. Jones is the latest and greatest in-state lineman to come to Nebraska. Here is D.J. Jones, one on one.

Name: D.J. Jones
School: Omaha (Nebr.) Central
Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 300
40-time: 5.1

Position(s) played last year: Offensive Line

Stats: Only allowed one sack his senior year.

Honors: CSA all-American, Sports Illustrated all-American, Offensive Line MVP for this year and last year by Central, all-state by the Omaha World Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star, all-metro and all-conference

Official Visit Date: December 9

Enjoyed the most on official visit: "I probably went to four of the games this year and maybe two or three last year. I went to the spring game this past year too. On my official visit I got to see the broadcasting department, which is what I want to major in. I got to hold all of the equipment and see all of the classrooms. It was real nice. There was a wall with 40 televisions. There was a lot of really nice equipment down there."

"I got to meet a lot of the players who I never met before. We went over to Brock Pasteur's house and Ndamukong Suh was my host on my first day. I hadn't ever talked to him before, but I heard a lot of good things about him. I got to meet a lot of the players that I haven't met before."

Biggest factor in choosing Nebraska: "It just seemed like the coaching staff was really positive. Coach Wagner was really the most supportive out of all the coaches I dealt with throughout the process. I would say that coaches and the environment down there. It was too much to pass up."

"I had seen the stadium, the crown and the tunnel before, and I got to talk to the coaches like Bill Callahan, Coach Blake, Coach Downing and Coach Wagner during the spring game. They really put some perspective on it and I just thought it was the time to make the commitment.

Other schools considered: Oklahoma, LSU, Notre Dame, Iowa and Louisville

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to getting to Nebraska: "I am looking forward to going there and getting right into the workout program and getting that extra edge on players that are coming in later. I plan on being there right after I graduate. I think that will help me out a lot. I will be there in early June."

"I am putting my best foot forward. I don't ever doubt myself that I can't do something. I think that hard work will always get you where you want to go and if you put that best foot forward and work hard then anything is possible. I am really open-minded about playing next year. I am going to do what the coaches want me to do and what's best for the team. I am going to come in and try my hardest not to redshirt. I am going to come in and try my hardest to make an impact."

Funny recruiting story: "This is kind of funny, I committed in April of 2005 and no coaches except for the Oklahoma coaches a little bit, called me a few times. He called me a few times at the first part of the school year. Over Christmas break the Iowa State coach called me and told me that they still have a spot if I want to come down. I told them that I wasn't really interested and that I had been committed for six months. It was just kind of crazy. I was still getting the regular recruiting letters, but no hand-written letters and no phone calls."

Number desired: "My grandmother asked Bill Callahan if I could keep the same number. The person that had my number, "73", is graduating so I am going to have "73" again just like now. There really isn't any significance of the number. Coach Mac gave me the number my sophomore year when I got to varsity and I decided ever-since I would have the number. I remember that Brandon Teamer was number "74" and my coach always compared me to Brandon Teamer."

Message to Husker Nation: "I would tell them not to worry that we are going to "Restore the Order". We are going to get it back to like it was in the 90's when we were winning all the time."

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