Palmer speaks

One of the prized recruits for Nebraska before letter of intent signing day had to be Ashlee Palmer. Palmer has that size and speed that you look for in a safety. The position at Nebraska sort of sold itself this year with the loss of the top two safeties. But, a class that didn't get completed kept Palmer in California and changed a lot more than that.

Ashlee Palmer was a "free agent". A person that failed to graduate as a mid-term enroller and then basically free to do as he chose. The problem was there wasn't a definite answer from either the Nebraska camp or from the Palmer camp about where Palmer might end up.

In fact, Nebraska said that they wouldn't quit their pursuit. And why would they? They had the positions open for Palmer, even if he had to miss spring ball, to come in and compete for a place to play and to start. The real possibility opened up with Washington being on the quarter system and being able to still get there for spring practice.

"Yep, I am heading to Washington," Palmer said. "It was really something that after my class and all that I had a chance to go back and think about it and my mom wanted to talk about it. She really felt like Washington was the best situation for me."

"I really want to get in and play spring ball. I am finished with my class right now and waiting for my grade to post. The recruits are all supposed to be on campus there in Washington on March 26. I think that the fourth quarter starts right after that."

Palmer never admitted any bitterness toward Nebraska. In fact, he said nothing but encouraging things about the coaches, the program and the players. The driver here for Palmer goes way past playing time or a uniform. He wants what's best for him and to get out there for spring practice to be ready to play this fall.

"It wasn't about not wanting to go to Nebraska at all. I loved it there. I liked the coaches and the players. It's really about being able to play spring ball and doing what's best for me."

One rumor that has been lingering about how Nebraska might have lost out on Palmer was that the coaches never spent time with Ashlee's mother. That isn't 100% true, because he knew that his recruiting coach had a chance to sit down with his mom. However, he believes that there might have been one important person that she did not speak to.

"I know that Coach Blake sat down with my mom and spoke to her. I heard Coach Callahan tried to call her a few times, but each time he called she wasn't home. I am not sure if that got her thinking about things and that's why she wanted to have a talk about things or not."

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