Getting To Know: Menelik Holt

If you get a chance to talk to Menelik Holt get out a pen and paper because more than likely you are going to hear something you hadn't heard before and that you want to remember. As poetic as he is verbally watching Holt on film may be even more poetic. At almost 6-foot-4 he is one of the more impressive films you will see of all of the incoming freshmen. Here is Menelik Holt, one on one.

Name: Menelik Holt
School:San Diego (Calif.)
Height: 6-foot-3.5
Weight: 205
40-time: 4.65

Position(s) played last year: Wide Receiver

Stats: 64 receptions, 800 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Honors: first team all-league, first team all-CIF and first team all-state

Official Visit Date: September 2, Maine

Enjoyed the most on official visit: "I actually just wanted to see what it was like at a "real game". Because at the spring game it wasn't a real, but there was an enormous amount of fans there. I wanted to see around campus and around the city what it was like for a real game. There was a lot of stuff going on for the Maine game. There were some guys out on the other field and it was almost like a mini-carnival going on. It was fun."

"Still, the fans stood out to me the most on my visits to Nebraska. They are just how they are here at my school. The communities are the same. Nebraska is not as bad as I thought it would be. It's not California, but it's still not as bad as I thought it would be."

Biggest factor in choosing Nebraska: "The people. Every coach tells you what you want to hear because they want you to come to their school. I remember what the Nebraska coaches told me and I still believe every word that they told me."

"The coaches were great, all the college coaches were great, but it was the people overall. Like we have crazy fans at our school that come to all of our games, but I have never seen that before like it is at Nebraska. That is like a whole new level of fans."

Other schools considered: Colorado, California, Oregon, and Notre Dame

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to getting to Nebraska: "I really just want to get out there, because I know I am back to square one. I won't be one of the fastest guys on the team. I won't be one of the strongest. And I want to get there athletically. I think that it is always a better story when a guy works his way to the top as opposed to coming in on top."

"That is the story of my high school career. I think if you were to ask anyone on my freshman team they would tell you that I was the worst player on the team. It's similar in that way and I know that I have a lot of work to do. That excites me that I have all that work to do."

Funny recruiting story: "I had Coach Busch come out on a Friday. Then Dan Hawkins and some of the other Colorado staff came over that night. Busch had come and left and Colorado came later that night. This was five days before signing day. And if you would have been there you would have loved it. My mom was just giving it to them. Asking them all of the question a parent would ask. She sat them down and asked them 'What do you have that Nebraska doesn't have?'. They didn't have an answer."

"All they kept telling me was that Colorado needs better people and that they have a better offensive coordinator. I mean, they do have a really good staff up there and I hope that they are good in years to come, but the only reason why I told them that it was O.K. to come out was because they were the first school to send me a letter or anything. I thought that they deserved the chance to come out and argue their case. I didn't think that too much was going to change because I had been committed to a school for six or seven months. It was going to take a little more than that to change my mind."

Number desired: "Number "4". I talked to Coach Busch about it and he said that I should probably have it. That is unless someone wants it that is already there. Guys earn their numbers. Every good receiver that has come out of my school has worn number "4". It just seems like it has been passed down. The first guy to wear it was a guy named Tim Lane and he plays at Syracuse now. I really wanted "1" here, but a senior had it. I have had "4" ever since and loved it."

Message to Husker Nation: "Man, I have never worn red for any team I have ever played for. I have either been purple, blue and I have been the black and gold, but never red. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would wear red one of these days."

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