Top OL could take multiple visits to Nebraska

There are some players that do have a sense of what they can do and how it applies to the next level. Much of it comes from the attention they are getting from schools, even this early in the recruiting season. Josh Ogelsby has gotten that sense and then some, sporting 14 offers and counting. He's gotten a sense, but to talk to him, he's just having fun.

When you are 6 foot, 8 inches tall and you weigh around 320 pounds, you approach the line of scrimmage and you've got a pretty good idea that whatever is in your way, won't be for very long. That's how it is for Stain Francis' Wisconsin offensive lineman Josh Ogelsby, but it's about more than size.

Yeah, he count can on one hand, actually one finger, how many times he's faced someone actually bigger than he is, but it doesn't matter to him what the size of the guy is, because his job is always the same. "I'm there to wipe them out," Josh said. "That's the fun I get to have, especially when I get a chance to get a running start at them."

"You'll see guys really flying then."

Josh is kind of fan of being able to turn defenders into projectiles. Whether it be from the constant smack talk he's having to listen to or just doing his job, the farther he can make you fly, the better. He even remembers when guys have gone even farther than he thought they would go and he definitely remembers why. "I had this one guy saying all kinds of stuff to me, maybe to get me all worked up or something," Josh said. "I know he came around and I got up into him and I swear, that guy flew like four yards."

"He wasn't talking too much after that."

Size does matter and what it comes to that, Ogelsby obviously has what it takes. But he's got the attitude as well. Combine that with good hands and feet, you'd say he's the complete package.

Well, you don't have to say, because over a dozen schools have said already, Josh now sporting offers from the likes of Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Michigan, Nebraska, Florida State and, of course, Wisconsin.

Josh looks at the fame, though, if you want to call it that, being of such a young age as he is, as little more than just part of the experience. It's not that he minds, but if there is one person that won't get caught up in it all, it's him. "Hey, I am just out there having fun, but it's nice that people notice it and want you on their team," he said. "I've gotten to know a lot of great people because of that and I guess this whole thing is basically just getting started."

It is indeed and Josh isn't wasting anytime, already looking at places he'll go in the off-season, as early as this spring. Josh is almost set on just some of his camp visits, eyeing USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska as places he'll camp, but hasn't really made up his mind about spring just yet. "We haven't really talked that much about it," Josh said about discussing these possible trips with his dad. "I've heard about the spring games at Nebraska, though, and that is sounding pretty inviting right now."

Nebraska, like every other school that is courting him, stays in as much contact as they can. What impressed him about Nebraska the most, though, wasn't the continuing contact, but what he got from them after he received his written offer. "Right after I got that offer, I get this envelope and there were hand-written letters from every single one of the coaches on the team," he said. "I'm telling you, that just screams class to me. That was just a really classy move."

Of course, Josh is getting that kind of attention from everyone, Ogelsby stating that of all the schools that have offered him, he's talked to most if not all of the head coaches from those teams. That's how it goes when you are one of the top linemen in the country.

That's the one thing Josh doesn't worry about, because he's got his dreams to play in the NFL, and that will certainly play some part in his decision as to just where he wants to go. But as far as the attention and even adoration, the last one that will get too caught up in it is Ogelsby himself. "I just like having the opportunity to do what I do, because there isn't enough time to play football, if you ask me," he said. "I just love the game."

"The fact that I can play it at the next level and maybe the level after that, it's just a dream come true. So, I like the attention, but that's not what gets me going. It's football that does. I just want to play."

Ogelsby said that right now he has no favorites and expect to have none for a long time to come as "There's so many schools and I have got a lot of looking around to do. When football season gets here, I don't know what to say I'll think about any one school. That's why I am going to check a few out."

Big Red Report will keep in touch with the biggun for Wisconsin and keep you abreast as to whether or not he will officially be making it to the annual Red/White scrimmage. Stay tuned.

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