L.D. Crow makes a name for himself

For Nebraska fans, it's been almost a year since Harrison Beck stepped onto campus, leaving Countryside high school as one of the most successful quarterbacks in their history. It's been around that long since his replacement was on campus as well. L.D. Crow took over Beck's spot as the starter and has kept Countryside in its winning ways. Now, it's another Countryside QB, who is already drawing attention from a ton of teams this year.

Following Harrison Beck wasn't easy for junior L.D. Crow. It wasn't that he had confidence that he would eventually play. He just didn't know when. When Beck practiced and played for Countryside Crow admitted that watching him was a little frustrating at times. "When he was on, I'd just sit back and wonder if I was ever going to get to play," Crow said. "But I knew my time would come."

Crow made the most of it, too, completing 64% of his passes last season, throwing for over 1,300 yards, throwing just two interceptions, while chucking 11 in for scores.

If you are thinking those aren't great numbers, Beck threw for about the same yardage his senior season. As Crow said, in this offense, it's more about the complete picture than it is any one particular thing. "We like our balance, because we have always had good running backs and we have been pretty good on defense, too," he said. "Our thing is about efficiency more than it's about putting up big numbers and the bottom line is to win."

Countryside did that last year, equal to the best record they have ever had in their history, winning nine while losing just two. Crow, now going into his final year, thinks that with all the returning talent, which is anchored at wideout by junior Matt Mooney, they are going to be once again, very hard to stop. "We have three interior linemen coming back, most of the wide receivers and really, overall on the offense, I think we are going to be pretty good," he said. "It's just about getting better, doing things more efficiently and seeing just how far we can go."

Crow has came a long way himself, especially physically since he attended the Elite Quarterback Academy last summer at the University of Nebraska. At that point he was standing just over 6 foot, 1 inches tall. Now, he's standing just over 6 foot, 3.

With this day and age of measurables, sometimes it's not just what you can do, but what you look like and Crow's explosion in height will no doubt make him more appealing from coast-to-coast.

That's already evident, some of the most interest he is getting right now from the likes of Stanford, but Crow said that he's getting letters from most of the SEC, ACC and a few teams from the big east. The University of Virginia seems to have shown the most interest, at least as far as letters, because Crow said he doesn't seem to recall when he didn't get something from them. "I think they have a machine pumping them out, I don't know, but it seems like every single day I get something from those guys," Crow said. "I have an offer from Rutgers, which I got last year, but just from the amount of mail, Virginia sends stuff all the time."

As for Nebraska, Crow obviously knows about the program, their emphasis on a pro-style offense, which suits L.D. for the future. And he knows that with Zac Taylor graduating this year, the quarterback position for the Huskers will be more open than it has been in awhile.

As to the thought of playing one more time with his old teammate, Crow said he really didn't think about that, because that's not a criteria for him in the future. "I know Harrison never cared who was on a team when he was looking at them," L.D. said. "I'm more or less the same way. I just look at the offense, what kind of coaching there is as far as making me the best quarterback I can be and just the things that will make me better. I don't want to go to a place where there are a ton of quarterbacks, but competition is what it is. You have to figure there's going to be some no matter where you go."

The early interest from Crow is pretty vague right now, but there is interest in Miami, especially after they lost their quarterback commit (Pat Devlin) of 2006 to Penn State. And Florida State has Crow's attention, because their offense suits what he likes to do. Add Stanford to that and you have what you might consider his early list, but he'll admit that it's just that and like anything, all this can change in a minute.

As to Nebraska?

Crow has had some contact with the Huskers, Phil Elmassian, the defensive back coach and primary recruiter for Beck, is also the one recruiting him. As to HIS interest, though, Crow said he won't rule anyone out right now and Nebraska has a nice NFL pedigree. "Coach Callahan knows what an NFL quarterback looks like, so that obviously makes them appealing," L.D. said. "But it's so early right now, I guess I am not thinking about anyone too much or even looking at getting real specific right now."

"I'll just take it as it goes, just work on getting better for my senior year and see what happens. There's still a ton of time to decide."

L.D. knows that this year is the year of the quarterback, this class of signal-callers as strong as it has been in years. He knows that if he's going to stand out in this crowd, it's going to take a supreme effort. But as the kids say, he's keeping it real, knowing that what he does for his team right now means more than what he does for himself. That will take care of itself in time.

"I just worry about what it takes to win, not the numbers," he said. "Our offense isn't built like that and we probably won't put up the kind of statistics that get everyone's attention. But if we don't lose a game, I could care less what the numbers are. Winning a state title is more than good enough for me."

Crow said that he hadn't made any concrete plans as to camps this year, but said that whoever shows him the most attention as to wanting him at one of their camps, that's probably where he'll consider going the most. L.D. did say, though, that he does plan to unofficially visit Stanford and perhaps Miami along with Florida State.

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