Second in as many days for Gunn

For many that went to watch all-American, D.J. Jones, at Omaha (Nebr.) Central last year made an observation. An observation about another offensive lineman, not quite as tall, but had all the potential in the world on the same offensive line. That potential is being recognized now with Harlan Gunn having pulled in his second offer in as many days. This one from the in-state Huskers, but is it too little, too late?

It doesn't seem possible, but the offer from in-state Nebraska to Harland Gunn might have been a little too late. The 6-foot-3 and 320 pound standout from Omaha (Nebr.) Central picked up his offer from Nebraska today a day after receiving his first offer.

"Yeah, I got an offer from Miami on Monday," Gunn said. "My coach sent my video to Miami. To tell you the truth, I didn't ask him to. One day he and I were just talking and he I asked if kids from here really get offered by Miami. He told me not really and that most offers come from Midwestern schools."

"When the season was over he said that he was going to make a highlight tape for me and he was going to send it out. I mean, he didn't ask me, but I asked who he was going to send it to and he just said 'Everybody, and I will see who calls back'. I guess Miami called him."

With the Miami offer coming in on Monday it seems a bit ironic to be receiving the school that is closest to you and the school that you have gone to visit unofficially multiple times to come in second. "A day later I got an offer from Nebraska. I like Nebraska and I was thankful I got an offer from them. It was cool. I am not going to say 'I don't want it, I have an offer from Miami'. It's good to have an offer from your home school."

Gunn admits that the order in which the offers were received is significant. There is a thought that maybe Nebraska is not trying to gain a player, but rather are just not trying to lose one. There isn't any resentment about it to Gunn, but he admits that it does take something away from the Cornhusker offer.

"Kind of, sort of. It was kind of like 'You kind of feel forced to offer me now since someone else offered me'. It wasn't as genuine as Miami's. An offer is an offer. Nobody has ever been offered up here by Miami! And you would think that if Miami would offer me that Nebraska would offer me first. Nebraska offering me after Miami did, it just doesn't seem as genuine."

Since the Miami offer the plans were put in motion. Next month, Gunn will be making one of two planned trips from this spring/summer. Of course, an official visit is almost a certainty as well. "I am going down to Miami's Junior Day in March. On the 9th of April I am going to go down there for the Nike camp. Then later on, I was going to take an official."

The one hidden thing in some of Gunn's words may be that he could see himself ending the process early. After the Miami offer it might have looked like it couldn't have gotten any better. Now, it might be that the sky is the limit. "It's early so who knows, maybe Florida or someone like that might offer me. I just want to keep my options open and go to Miami first and see how it is before I make that kind of decision."

Gunn isn't totally sure at which position Miami is recruiting him to play, but it is definitely interior, offensive line. Those sort of details could be sorted out when they see Gunn at the Nike camp later this summer. One thing is for sure, the prioritization that Gunn has received from Miami has opened his eyes.

"I don't know, I didn't talk to them about that. I know it's offensive line. Maybe we'll figure that out at camp. We never got that far about it. It's either as a center or guard. They said that I was "A1 on his Priority List". They said that they really liked me and they sounded really genuine as opposed to Nebraska."

One school that may or may not get a closer look might be in-state Nebraska. Gunn has been to Lincoln many times and even on unofficial visits. He admits that you don't get as close of look at the school as you would like when you are on unofficials. There is still a chance and Gunn isn't closing the door on Nebraska, yet.

"I have been there plenty of times. I have taken unofficials there like you couldn't believe. I have seen their university and stuff like that. I haven't got anything in real close detail. They are an option now and I wouldn't rule them out yet. Nebraska is looking at me as a center."

One might think that coming from the Midwest and from Nebraska that traveling that far to go to school could be a problem. Above that, there are players like D.J. Jones and Cortney Grixby that Gunn would know from Central already in Lincoln. The bottom line for Gunn is that he will go where the best opportunity it, period.

"No. I mean, if I get a better opportunity to do things far away and as long as there is a phone I can call home. Leaving wouldn't be a problem with me."

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