Nebraska Baseball is for Real

A day in which records broke both on and off the field. As a record number filled the stands, they saw a record pitcher make them glad they were there. Each fan can say they were there for what will most surely be a moment in Husker baseball history. From each fan's perspective comes a delightful insight into an experience that some of us can only enjoy thru words. Enjoy this fan's words that recalled a day for the books.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Nebraska baseball is for real.  What I witnessed today was enough to put goose bumps up and down my arms.  The crowd clad in Red reminding one of a fall afternoon at Memorial Stadium.  There was a championship feeling in the air.  People were excited, and nervous.  Record breaking attendance of just short of 8500 fans crowded into Haymarket Park made for a great setting.  The field looked great and when the Huskers took the field you could feel the cackle of electricity around the park.
The crowd showed its appreciation early and often.  Was a joy to see the crowd give Blevins an ovation in the fifth inning just for advancing a runner. 
To the game, Shane Komine absolutely dominated this day.  He was in control from the very first pitch.  Simokaitis commits an error and Shane looked at him and winked.  He then proceeds to fan the next hitter, turns around and Joe salutes him.  One ball all day was hit solidly off this young man.  His curve ball was mystifying.  Had a three ball count on one hitter all afternoon.  The double play he started in the 7th or 8th inning was a sight to behold.  The crowd reacted to each and every pitch thruout.  Hearing the chant Go Big Red mixed with Go Big K seemed to inspire him all the more.  This young man will be missed.  Running his career strike-outs to 500 on most likely his last appearance in Lincoln was fitting. 
Neb did just enough at the plate to give Shane the runs he needed.  Hopper looked comfortable at the plate and delivered when necessary.  Simokaitis hit the ball hard twice.  Bruce taking two more HBP's for the team.  This is a team in the real sense of the words.  No one star but nine producers in their own way.
I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds, but if Mr Komine can put on one or two more shows like he did today (after a series victory of course), look out.  This team could defeat a Clemson in their first game in Omaha and if they do ,look out.  The number three seed has already been eliminated and Neb can play with anyone in their bracket.  If things fall right and Mr K can be the pitcher in the championship anything goes.  I realize this sounds like a pipe dream.  The team has to play better defense than today, but they are perfectly capable of accomplishing that feat. 
I will update tomorrow after the game.  Go Big Red and go Arkansas. 

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