Where is Keith Eloi?

During the fall, we caught up with Keith Eloi and the thoughts were at that time that he may be able to enroll at Nebraska by spring, because of the quarter system at the junior college. But, early reports were circling the Eloi was no where to be found. Is Eloi in Lincoln and will he be part of this team?

A person that Nebraska fans have got to know well through his uncle has been Keith Eloi. Eloi was a junior college all-American at William Rainey Harper (Ill.) J.C., but has been out of football for a year in an effort to get qualified. The 5-foot-10 and 180 pound receiver is in Lincoln, but not part of the team yet.

"I will be done at Southeast at the end of June," Eloi said. "Then at the end of June I will be able to start working out with the team. I just have to go through the end of June. Everything is good and I am trying to stay on track as much as possible to get all of my stuff done, because that is my goal."

"Right now, I just have a lot of things coming down. I have a lot of tests, papers and presentations that are coming up. Because right now, it is just about the end of the quarter for us and it's getting kind of hectic."

When it comes to getting on the team and getting active again with being out of football after a year; Eloi has some ideas what he will be doing when he gets on the team.

"I am trying to come in and be like a sponge and soak up the plays and their advice. I just finally want to get on campus and worry abot fitting in, getting used to everything and being a student-athlete again. I want to do what I do best and that is make big plays and help the team win next year."

"This year they have a great schedule coming up. There are a lot of expectations of this team. I have heard a lot of talk by the fans and the players about getting back into the national championship picture. I want to try and bring that back to Nebraska."

Being out of football for a year hasn't stopped Eloi from still trying to stay in that type of condition. He has been lifting regularly to get stronger, but admits that his runnind conditioning isn't where it will need to be this summer when he hopes to join the team.

"I was just lifting. But if you are asking when it comes to running? No. I am not in tip-top shape in the running game. I am working on that now. I am in pretty good lifting shape. Running, I am not at my peak, but I am getting there. I am trying to come in really conditioned. I will be coming in late and everyone will be in pretty good shape, I want to come in at lest that good."

Eloi is the nephew of Nebraska linebacker, Steve Octavien. Octavien of course got hurt in the first game of the season. Eloi has some insight as to Steve's condition.

"He's telling me about his ankle and he says that it is 100%. He's not able to do as much as he wants in the weight room, but he says day by day it's getting better. He's really positive going into the season. He's one of the players talking about making that championship runs. So, he's being really optomisitic right now."

"He's going to be around for spring, but I am not sure if he's going to play. I don't think that he will get on the field a lot if he does. That's what I think."

Eloi has had a pretty unusual experience with all of this. The need to get back on track academically has required him to take a year off of the field to fix. He has found out something about Nebraska without really knowing a lot about the school or the team for that matter.

"The people here in Nebraska are really nice, very down to Earth. Everyone wants to help you and help you get along and get where you are going. They are really welcoming here in Nebraska. Some people still know me. I am very surprised. People ask if I am Steve's nephew and when I am going to join the team. I have been amazed and don't know what to say."

"That just shows you how true of fans they are in Nebraska. I am not one of those big-star types of kids. I just want to get my job done on the field. I am not one of the in the spotlight kind of guys. I don't look for praise and stuff like that. But, I am also for pleasing the crowd and giving them what they want. That's not a problem."

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