Getting To Know: Ricky Henry

Ricky Henry has been compared to not only one of the best players in Nebraska history, but to one of the best players in collegiate football history. Dave Remington is quite possibly the best center to have ever played the game. More than that, Henry is aware of at least how good he must have been despite not ever seeing him play. Here is Ricky Henry, one on one.

Name: Ricky Henry
School: Omaha (Nebr.) Burke
Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 280
40-time: 5.0

Position(s) played last year: Offensive Guard

Stats: School record for tackles for loss and pancakes in a season (senior year).

Honors: All-conference, all-metro, all-state and U.S. Army All-American nominee

Official Visit Date: None

Enjoyed the most on official visit: "I didn't take an official. I've been there, just not an official. I went there a whole bunch of times for games. I went to almost all of the home games and a few practices. The atmosphere is great there. All of the great fans. They're building that place up. That place is huge."

"It's a dream come true. I am been a fans since I was little. I have heard the comparisons with Dave Remington. My coach actually had him at Omaha South. I never saw him, but I know that he has a trophy named after him. I don't know a lot about him."

Biggest factor in choosing Nebraska: "I kind of wanted to stay close to home. I also always wanted to go there."

Other schools considered: Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa and Iowa State

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to getting to Nebraska: "Hitting the weights. Getting bigger. Getting down to learning how to play center. I am pretty excited about that. I think that there is more of a learning curve with the position than the offense. You have to learn to use your hands differently."

Funny recruiting story/little known facts: "I remember when Coach Callahan and Coach Wagner came to school one day and I was sick that day. I wasn't there. This was a while ago after I committed. They came to visit and I was out sick. I had to talk to them later that day. They weren't very happy that day."

Number desired: "I am not really sure. I wore "72" last year and that is my favorite number. But, with me playing center that might have to change. It would probably be 50-something. Nothing really stands out."

Message to Husker Nation: "I am coming to play some football. I think that there are some national championships coming up."

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