Will Nebraska do it again?

There are schools that are pipelines into college football. Sometimes, there are schools that are pipelines into specific colleges. Normally though, they aren't 1500 miles away from one another. In this case, it's Nebraska and Compton C.C. The past two years Nebraska has landed not only a player from there, but both were defensive linemen. There is yet another at Compton interested in Nebraska.

Larry Dennis is very familiar with Brandon Johnson. The two were stars for Compton (Calif.) C.C. this past season. Johnson is on his way to be a Husker while Dennis will have another year at Compton. Like Johnson, he isn't from California or even from that area, but took a chance.

"I went to high school at George Jenkins HS in Lakeland, Flor.," Dennis said. "I was a non-qualifier out of high school. The head coach at Compton just contacted me and talked me into it. I thought that I would just give it a shot."

What stands out to you, similar to Johnson, is his size and speed. Dennis comes in about 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, but has an explosive 4.6/40 yard dash time. It's easy to understand from that what he likes to do on the field. Last season he tallied 61 tackles and five sacks.

"I am very physical and I am a lot faster than most of the lineman. I use my speed a lot coming off of the edge. I am a better pass rusher. I don't know what it is, I just like getting to the quarterback first."

Dennis will be ready to get a jump on his career on the division one stage with the ability to transfer from Compton. He isn't leaning or looking anywhere in particular, but Johnson has had his time to work Dennis and prep him on what might be if Nebraska comes into the picture.

"I am going to be done in December at Compton. I am interested in everyone. It's wide open. Nebraska is definitely on my list. Brandon Johnson has mostly told me about the team, their chemistry, what they did when he was there for an official, the stadium and the fans."

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