Forcier one of Nebraska's top QB targets

Nebraska needs quarterbacks. No offense to those already on the team, but the future is what it is and it's becoming increasingly vacant at the position. Not getting a quarterback this last recruiting season put an emphasis on getting at least one this year, but one of them has to be a stunner. One of the early favorites could be St. Augustine high school's Chris Forcier, who has become super popular in a relatively short time.

Ok, let's look at the clock, calendar, whatever – it wasn't that long ago when Chris Forcier was wondering where the offers were. Now he's wondering where the next one will come from. From before his appearance in the U.S. Army Junior All-American Combine to now, he's gone from none to seven.

Not bad

Now, since we here at are proud as punch partners with the U.S. Army and put on our own combines (check the schedule for the one nearest you), we'd like to take some credit for some of Chris's exposure.

The problem is, the kid's pretty darn good. Chances are, he would have gotten them anyway, but hey, the timing is good and even Chris will admit that since the combine, it's been definitely more interesting. "It's good, but yeah, it's definitely picked up since then," Chris said. "I didn't have any before and now I have offers from Nebraska, Texas A&M, UCLA, Oregon, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and San Diego State."

It's got so good in fact, Chris now has bragging rights over his older brother (Jason), who is now playing for Michigan. "I actually think I have more now than he got total," Chris joked. "But I never said anything to him. I think he was actually the one that brought it up."

You probably won't hear Chris complain, though, because this is, well, his brother and bragging rights are what they are.

Back to Chris's own adventure in recruiting, though, one thing his brother can say that Chris can't is that he's been through it, heard all the slogans and experienced the ups and downs of the entire process. And even though things might have been interesting, depressing or even frustrating, Jason held out until December before he made his decision.

That example alone, along with everything Chris experienced from Jason's experience, has him ready for the future. "He was able to just take everything in and deal with all the situations. I don't think he ever let any of it get to him to the point where it was distracting him," Chris said. "I just go from that, plus what my dad says and I don't really worry about it at all."

Point of fact, the worry is over for Chris as he looks to his senior year as the year he can just let go, figuratively speaking, of course. Having proven everything he wanted to prove his junior year, capping it off with the first C.I.F. championship for his high school in over the last quarter century, it's time to try and repeat the feat, but just have a lot of fun. "I had all these marks I wanted to achieve as a junior like the championship, of course, but yards, touchdowns and all that," Chris said. "But now it's just about going out there, doing what we know how to do and just have some fun."

"We've been there now, so we know what it takes. Now we know exactly what we need to do."

Chris isn't quite as confident off the field, though, because he may not be letting the recruiting get to him, but there is something to be said from having so many good schools to choose from. And the reality is, his list of schools will undoubtedly grow. Of those offers he does have, he's got an early list of favorites right now. "I'd say that Ole Miss, Nebraska and UCLA are definitely my favorites of those who have offered me," Chris said. "I can tell they all really want me and I like what each of them are doing."

While there is certainly need there for each school, Nebraska looks at their current starter being a senior, his back up being a sophomore and the rest of the quarterbacks on scholarship still trying to break into the mix.

When it comes to one of, but certainly not the only criteria he has, Nebraska fits pretty well. "No matter where you go, you are going to have to compete to get a job," he said. "But I would like to go in with some separation between myself and the other quarterbacks if I can."

"Like with Nebraska, they didn't get a quarterback this last year, Taylor is done after this year and Harrison Beck will be a junior when I am a freshman. That's kind of the ideal situation, I think, but it doesn't mean that's the only kind of situation for me."

One of the chief schools recruiting him that hasn't offered as of yet is Florida, who run an offense almost exact in its similarities to the spread offense they run at St. Augustine. That, his relationship with the coaches and their own quarterback situation make them intriguing as well. "They will only have two scholarship quarterbacks, Leak, who will be a senior this year and Tebow, who is just coming in," he said. "I guess that means they would probably go after another quarterback as well, but that's a school I am definitely looking at, too."

Back to the Huskers, Forcier sees more than their quarterback situation as ideal. In fact, Husker fans might want to take a few tips from Forcier when it comes to looking at their potential future. In Chris's estimation, it's looking up in a big way. "They are on their way back, I think that's obvious," Chris said of Nebraska rebounding from their losing season the year before last, the first in over 40 years. "You look at the offense, what they are getting in, I think you have to be optimistic about the future."

"That's one of the reasons I like them so much, like UCLA, because I see nothing but great things for those programs in the future."

Michigan will invariably come up in conversations, but it's never about possibilities, because when it comes to Chris joining his older brother, there seems to be two distinct mind-sets at work:

One – He'll definitely go, because his brother is there and with the obvious love of the Wolverines in the Forcier family, this only makes sense

Two – He definitely won't go, because his brother is there and why would he one more time, want to play with and especially, against the guy he played back up to before.

Relevant questions, certainly, but Chris said that he doesn't look at it necessarily that way. "It's kind of hard not to think about that when I look at Michigan, but I don't when it comes to making a decision for me,' Chris said. "I look at the offense, the coaches and how everything fits me."

"I think everyone assumes that whatever Jason likes I like an that we are exactly the same. That's not really the case, so I have to look at every school and see what is specific toward me."

While Chris's personality may differ in certain ways, he's very similar to his brother in how he plays. Good arm, good instincts and an ability to make good decisions on the run. And if that doesn't work, the kid get out and scoot. He's not Michael Vick, but nobody else is either and I really doubt anyone is going to complain with Forcier's 415 yards on the ground and four touchdowns.

For Forcier, it's just one of many weapons he likes to use, but when it matters the most. "My dad always taught me to look for a play within a play, because there's like three or four," Chris said. "Before I run, I like to make sure there's nothing down field and if there isn't, that's when I go."

Chris should be doing some of that as the off-season continues, to campuses around the country, making unofficial visits, attending camps, etc. Schedule permitting of course, as like most any well-rounded athlete, his so-called off-season is anything but.

It doesn't make it any less exciting for him, though, knowing that his future is secure, even if no more offers come down the pipe. If they do, that's just more to choose from and for this Forcier, like his brother, that's all a kid could hope for right now. "It's great, because no matter what, I am going to go to a place where I know I will get a good education and I will be able to continue with my goals on and off the field," he said. "it's going to make this year so special to me, because I can enjoy it."

"It will be hard making that decision in the end, but it's better than having no decisions at all, so I am enjoying this, because this time of my life will never happen again."

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