LB, Lorenzo Edwards becoming super hot

You know what an off-season is? Chances are most high school football players don't, at least not those with aspirations beyond the prep-level. Safety/Linebacker prospect Lorenzo Edwards might even laugh if you say "off-season" to him. This time of year isn't about looking back. It's about looking forward and he's got his eyes square on the future. And with the offers he has already, the hardest part for him will be figuring just where that future is at.

Six 30-yard dashes, each under five seconds
Six 60-yard dashes, each under eight seconds
Six 90-yard dashes, each under 11 seconds
18 40-yard dashes in under three minutes
2,000 high knees

Welcome to Edgewater high school linebacker Lorenzo Edward's daily workout, performed three times a week.

I don't know about you, but I'm worn out just reading that, but Lorenzo thinks of it not just a physical exercise, but a mental one. "You improve your speed and footwork with stuff like this, but you also improve your attitude," he said. "There's always those points you feel like giving in, but that's where you find out how much you want to get better."

"If it's easy, everyone does it, so this kind of workout makes me a better player, but also a better leader and mentally more prepared for the future."

Lorenzo has been looking to the future since as far as he can remember. If he was running a 4.8, he would want to run a 4.7. If he benched 200, he wanted to bench 300, and if he was considered pretty good last season, this season he would want to be great.

Not that he's looking for personal accolades, mind you. Lorenzo is looking for something that no accolade from any of us can fulfill. "It's about satisfaction and knowing that what I did was enough or knowing that no matter what, I gave everything I had," he said. "I guess I don't really think about what anyone else thinks, because all my battles are with myself."

"Can I be a better leader? Can I be a better player? Can I take my game to the next level and then the level after that? Those are the challenges I give myself everyday, because that's the only way you improve."

What others say may not be that ultimate gratification behind what he does and how he does it, but the written offers he's gotten thus far don't hurt. And when you look at where the offers are coming from, this kid doesn't need to say or do a thing. It's pretty darn obvious.

"I don't really know who all has offered me, but the ones I can think of are Duke, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Nebraska and West Virginia," Edwards said. "I know I have got some others, but I honestly can't think of them all right now."

Nice problem to have

One of those problems comes from his athletic potential, Edwards standing almost 6 foot, 2 inches tall, weighing currently around 220 pounds and his most recent 40 at the speed camp he's currently at was an impressive 4.51. Add that to his 32 inch vertical, throw in 21 tackles for loss as a junior, 120 tackles total, including 97 solo stops, and all while doing it within 6A, the top classification in Florida high school football, what else do you need to say?

Nothing. Now you just want to know where the kid is going to college

The Florida schools are assumed automatic favorites for the sunshine state standout, but Edwards would say that, that particular assumption would be wrong. "You can't lump me in there with those that only think of the Florida schools, because I am thinking about a lot more than just staying close to home," he said. "I am going to be taking architectural engineering and that's going to play a big part in my decision."

"There's a lot that's going to go into my decision, so where they are at has nothing to do with where I go. It's who fits me the best."

With Nebraska, this will be a different year than in the last couple of years, linebacker now becoming a needed position rather than one where getting studs was like gravy compared to every other position they needed to address. You could see Nebraska take as many as three in this year's class and Edwards fits what they want to a tee.

He's fast, big and aggressive, but more than anything, it's Edward's attitude on the field which really makes him a coaches' delight. "I'm one of those guys that plays hard and physical, but I play smart too," he said. "You get a guy in the wide open, you need to break down and make sure you get the guy down, because out there in the open field, you can look pretty darn silly."

"You can't afford to make a mistake, so getting set, knowing where he is and wrapping him up – that's what matters. There are better times when you can really unload."

Edwards' favorite time to tee off is in stopping the run, believe it or not. And it's a particular run he likes to stop. It's that one that almost frames the player up for him, so he can go in with guns blazing. "You get some guy coming up the hole, he's going to get popped," Edwards said. "You still have to be smart, but that's when you can really cut loose."

With all the choices Lorenzo already has, he's evaluating the schools as much as he can right now. Of course, if he had his way, he would be visiting every single one of these schools and camping wherever he can. As it is, Edwards right now is scheduled to visit Notre Dame in April, attend a Nike combine April 9th and he'll be at our very own All-American combine in Jacksonville, Florida on March the 19th.

Don't think Edwards is trying to prove anything to anyone else with all these combine appearances, though. He's trying to prove something to himself. In the drive to get better, become a better leader and be one of the best players around, this young man, as you have seen, is willing to go to all lengths to do just that. "You can't stop wanting to improve on everything you do, because then you are just standing still," he said. "There's no part of my game that I don't want to improve upon."

"I don't think you are ever really good enough, at least not as good as I want to be."


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