Bates picks up offer number two

Phillip Bates is a fantastic athlete and a budding star at quarterback. His potential may be as great as anyone's in the state. While he plans to polish his game, improve his speed and take some camps to get some exposure the offers might just continue to find Bates. On Wednesday, Bates picked up offer number two.

Nebraska was first to offer a pair of players from Omaha (Nebr.) North. The pair was Niles Paul and Phillip Bates. Bates is a 6-foot-1 and 185 pound quarterback that is also a terrific athlete and best days of playing football are ahead of him. While Nebraska was first to offer, but another Big 12 North team just followed suit.

"Yes, Niles and I were offered from Iowa State on Wednesday," Bates said. "This was my second offer. I liked watching their quarterback last year, I liked his game. I know that my played with Barney Cotton at Nebraska. He was telling me about him."

When it comes to comparing the offers of the in-state school, the team that his father played for and Iowa State; some might be surprised with the answer that Bates gives. The bigger picture here is though that Nebraska and Iowa State are only the first two to offer and that there will be more.

"They're the same right now. I like both of the schools. They're equals. The biggest thing is to play quarterback in college. Both Iowa State and Nebraska told me they offered me as a quarterback. Everyone that is recruiting me has come to me and told me I am playing quarterback."

"I have been getting attention from Miami, Coach Barry. I haven't got offered yet, but I get an email everyday from Coach Barry and we just go back and forth on email. It's just playing it cool right now. It's exciting. Growing up everyone talks about "the U". It's very exciting. I like it."

The distances between Ames, Iowa and Lincoln Nebr. compare better to Omaha then Miami would. The distance factor won't weigh heavily into Bates' decision though. He is really looking for the right situation regardless of where that might be.

"It really doesn't matter to me. My mom wants me to stay close to home, but my dad said that it is up to me. It doesn't really matter. I am looking for somewhere that I can lead a team at. I want to take my team to that next level; a national championship."

Bates didn't play basketball this year, but is already in track. He is planning on running three events this year and wants to improve some times. "I am running track. I will be doing the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m. My 100m time last year was about an 11.2. My 200m wasn't too hot. I can't even remember any of my times. My 100m goal I want to get down into the 10's."

It's arguable that Nebraska's season last year turned for the better when Zac Taylor decided to tuck it and run it every now and then. Additionally, Nebraska is looking at some different quarterback prospects that have some better mobility this year. Bates is one of those guys.

"A mobile quarterback helps everyone's offense; like Vince Young and Michael Vick. It helps the offense and that is what I try to do. It really doesn't matter how people view me as this type of quarterback or that type, I am just trying to play my game and get to college. That is all that I want to do."

The summer plans to be a busy one for Bates as he has about five camp plans already set. "My dad and I are going to talk about going to Iowa City for the All-American combine in Iowa City. We have a lot of camps that I have to go to this summer. I am going to the Nike camp in Ohio, Miami, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Iowa State for one day. I will be doing the Elite Quarterback Camp in Lincoln."

While Bates will be heading to camps to get some exposure he will also be working on a few key things to fine-tune his game. "I am going to be working on my passing, getting back into my drops, getting quicker and just my footwork. I want to get my 40 time down too and stuff like that."

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