Gunn talks about Miami

The offer from Miami was a bit of a shocker for Harland Gunn. His coach put together some film and set it all around the country. The first team to come and offer Gunn was the Hurricanes. Gunn took in the Junior Day down in Miami this past weekend and Big Red Report caught up with him before he was getting to the airport.

The recruiting race for Harland Gunn is already hot and it's only March. The standout lineman from Omaha (Nebr.) Central took in a trip to see the Miami Hurricanes, the first team to offer, during their junior day.

"I'm still here," Gunn said. "I am just driving around trying to find the airport. I am in Miami right now."

"It was nice. The weather, it was nice. We just got back from the beach and checking some things out. That is what we were doing today. Some non-school related things."

Gunn noted that it wasn't the facilities or the things that every other football program is going to have automatically that stood out on the trip. "The family atmosphere. That is really what stood out. Every school has a weight room and stuff like that, but everyone on that staff seemed really tight. I got to meet and shake hands with a few players there."

Gunn hadn't ever been to Miami before so when it came to expectations he really didn't know what to expect. "I didn't know really to expect; I haven't ever been here before. What I seen today was pretty much it. I asked questions about certain things, but I didn't really have any expectations about anything because I haven't ever been here before."

Husker fans are on the edge of their seats right now wondering how this one will turn out and if Gunn is leaning one way or another. "I haven't really thought it about it like that. I was really going to wait until I got back home. I will probably be going to Nebraska Junior Day. I really am not ready to make any decisions."

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