Cousin of former Husker inching closer to NU?

Having relatives is great for college football programs. If one of your players turns out to be a stud, you never know, another one could be along the way. That's the hope with LaTravis Washington, the cousin of former Husker Fabian Washington. There's no question Nebraska wants him, so it's going to come down to if this Washington could see himself in Lincoln.

A lot has already been said of in-state superstar Phillip Bates, an Omaha North quarterback, who, athletically is amongst the state's best this year. The problem is, Bates, longing to play quarterback, has all but completely closed the door on anyone recruiting him as something other than a QB.

With his talent, 4.4 speed and size, that's unfortunate as you would assume that if he had said he was wide open to position or at least, more open than he is, the recruiting would be completely wide open.

Bradeneton, Florida's LaTravis Washington is in a bit of the same boat. It's ironic then that when he was at Nebraska's QB Academy last year, Bates was as well and his roommate during that time to boot.

He too wants to be a quarterback, but he's a little more open to the idea of playing other positions. "Hey, I just want to play," Washington said. "I have worked hard at playing quarterback and I think I have what it takes, but an offer is an offer and if they are all for safety, hey, I'm playing safety."

"Basically I just want to play."

We've chronicled what he's done on the field enough, but he's been making some waves off the field as well. And would you believe, in the arena of power-lifting. Yeah, Washington is a power lifter for Bradenton, but his problem right now is, he's got a teammate doing the same thing and in the same weight class no less. "Last year I finished first in a lot of my events," Washington said. "But this guy, he's a linebacker and he benches like 380 and I don't know how much he power cleans, but it's a ton."

"I finished second in this last competition and it was to him, of course." Well, better to lose to one of your own than the other guy, but Washington's over 6 foot, 2 inches of height gives him a little more length in arms, a little more length in legs, which equals frustration when going against competitors who have decidedly less travel in their extremities.

That didn't deter Washington from doing well, though, because I doubt many quarterbacks would argue with a 280 bench and especially a 250 power clean.

Oh, and LaTravis just hit a personal best of 11.2 in the 100 meter this year in track and field.

Washington's athleticism and potential aren't up for debate, though, at least to the point we have to chronicle what he has done. What is up for debate is whether or not he will follow his cousin to Nebraska. Since he was at Nebraska for the QB Academy, he's gotten his offer from the Huskers, and something he remembers Fabian telling him about why he chose Nebraska, is curiously similar with his own feelings.

"Fabian said that he went to Nebraska, because it just felt more like home when he visited there," LaTravis said. "I felt that way, too. I was a long ways away from Florida, but being there, the people there and the coaches, it didn't even really feel like I had left my home state."

THAT is the biggest thing when going after any kid in Florida, no matter what their connection to a program outside of the state. It's still outside of the state. Getting kids to even think of leaving the constant warmth, the beach and everything else the state has to offer – most don't even think twice. They have three major programs to choose from, the comfort of being close to home – so when you are trying to go into Florida to pull a kid out, good luck, have fun, but don't expect a lot.

Washington would be the first to tell you that he definitely doesn't fit the usual stereotype of prep players in the state. "Man, I am ready to get out of Florida," Washington exclaimed. "I know a lot don't want to leave, but I honestly don't want to stay. Getting out of the state sounds just fine to me. I am ready for a change."

One thing that won't change is Washington attending the Nebraska QB Academy, LaTravis going for the second year in a row. He'll go there hoping that he can up his stock a little more at his position of choice, but not thinking that this position is the only choice there is.

It doesn't hurt that it will be at Nebraska either, because while Washington says it's wide open, with a possible camp to come to Michigan State and maybe an unofficial to Virginia, getting back up to Nebraska is something he's eager to do. "There was a lot of stuff changing there, a lot of new facilities and all that when I was up there last," Washington said. "I'm eager to see what it's like there right now."

"Plus, it's just another chance to see the place, get a better feel for the coaches and see just how I might fit in. You can never know enough about schools you are looking at, so I am excited to head up there again. It will be interesting to see if it's even better than before."

Aside from the offer from Nebraska, Washington also holds an offer from Michigan State and LaTravis said that he is receiving mail consistently from Oklahoma, Iowa, Iowa State Virginia, Florida, Florida State and Tennessee

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