Even great QBs can be invisible QBs this year

You might call this the year of the quarterback. From one coast to the other, the list seems almost endless as to not just the quarterbacks around, but good ones, some really good. But even for those really good ones, it's possible to get lost in the shuffle. But for them and those like them, they don't stay lost for long. Jason Munns is finding himself becoming an increasingly popular target.

Jimmy Clausen, Pat Bostick, Ryan Mallett, G.J. Kinne…….the list goes on as to the quarterbacks deemed to be members of the elite. Matt Simms, Chris Forcier, Josh Nesbitt, Willy Korn…….it can go on further still.

That list would also have to include Southridge high school standout Jason Munns, who hails from Kennewick, Washington. After all, he completed 62 percent of his passes last year, threw for 32 touchdowns and he finished the year with a quarterback rating of approximately 170. Add to that the fact that he's 6 foot, 5 inches tall and weighs around 225 pounds.

So, how come is it Munns is sitting on just three offers right now, when some are sitting on 20? That's how deep this position goes, where even if you are one of the best, it could still take time for everyone else to catch up.

It would seem they are

"It's been picking up lately," Jason said of the attention he's been receiving from colleges, from the mail that comes in waves to the text messaging from schools around the country. "We're still playing basketball, so I am concentrating on that, but it's definitely starting to increase."

The offers currently stand from Arizona State, Washington State and BYU. The mail is coming from just about everyone else. You can include all of the Pac 10, throw in much of the ACC and sprinkle some of the Big 10, Big 12, SEC and Big East on there for good measure.

But with so much already going on in his athletic life, despite the fact that attention has increased toward him, he's still not indulging in it completely on his end. "I'm really just trying to let it happen and not think too much about this school or another school right now," he said. "I'm so open, it's just a matter of looking at what I feel is important and figuring out things from there."

"And, of course, I'd like to visit all of those places, but that takes time and money, so I'll just have to do what I can."

When it comes to importance, for every player, there seems to be at least a few criteria, which fit what everyone wants: Good academics, good coaches and a fan base that is more than wistful in their devotion. Outside of that, it comes down to other things, the relationship with the coaches and sometimes simply what they think about a school. There is one school, while certainly not THE school right now, that has drawn Munns' attention for a long time.

"I like Michigan," Jason said. "You look at them, their tradition, how they have sent a lot of quarterbacks to the NFL, it's hard not to be attracted to a place like that. And they have kept in pretty good contact with me, so that's a school I will definitely be interested in this year."

"But that's just one school and there's so much I don't know about so many others, it's impossible to rule anyone out. Michigan is a great program, but it's one of many."

As Jason winds down basketball, this team heading into the second round of the post-season this week, he'll be attending a few events in the future. From a camp at Stanford, to a team camp at Eastern Washington, to a possible trip to attend a regional Elite 11 camp.

That's the short term, but Jason couldn't say much to the long term as his plans will be dictated by time and simply being able to make those types of trips.

As to Nebraska, like everyone else it would seem, their name finds itself amongst many others, filling his mailbox each week. Munns said that the Huskers do send "quite a bit." And it is imperative that Nebraska get at least one slam dunk at the position, two good quarterbacks being a better scenario as Nebraska lost out this last year at getting one, when former Husker commit Josh Freeman did a last second switcheroo, committing to Kansas State.

Munns knows a little about Nebraska, but as you would expect with any recruit, when the interest is more from them beyond just being one of the many others just sending mail, he's probably going to concentrate on those who want him the most.

"Whatever you want to do, it's obviously the teams that have offered you that will get the most interest," he said. "So, I am looking at them and just taking everything else in. I know Nebraska has changed up their offense, but I haven't really learned all that much more."

"If they offer, though, I'll obviously have to take a closer look."

IF they offer

Interesting when you look at Munns and his ability. A tall kid, a tough kid and one with that kind of size, who can also move around the pocket and run when he feels the need. Last year, perhaps the last few years, his name would be amongst those sporting double-digit offers and counting.

Chances are he'll get to that point sometime soon as even in the deepest of years, you can't shy away from talent like this and there is no school that couldn't use a good QB.

Right now, though, it is watch, wait and see what happens, still grateful he has the offers he does. When the others start coming in, though, watching and waiting will turn into wondering, because that's when Munns will have to start narrowing it down.

"It's fun to think about narrowing a big list down, because that means you have a big list to begin with," he joked. "I don't really worry about it, though, because I figure what happens will happen."

"I think the most important thing to me right now is just making myself the best player I can be, finishing my senior year off right and looking at college after that. So, there is lots of time to get worried about it. I'm not worried about it right now."

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