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Husker Home Run Club

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This is a great Husker Booster Club. I have been a member for a few years now and it gets better every year. It's not about the gifts, the good baseball info., the recognition, etc. It is truly about being a part of the First-Class NU Baseball Program. It might not be a huge part, but memberships definitely help supply NU Baseball with much needed financial support. The program as we are all aware now is at a level that it has never been at before. It is definitely an exciting time to be an NU baseball fan. It is also a perfect time to think about supporting NU baseball even more. Coaches Van Horn, Childress, Anderson, the Grad Assistants, and of course the players, have done wonders with the program. Getting some extra support will help propel NU even further into the future. We all know that Husker Fans are the best in the nation, bar none. I think looking at the attendance figures at this year's NCAA tournaments made it even clearer.

I can vouch for the quality of the gifts. The NU Baseball yearbook is packed with great information, bio's, pictures, etc. It is of the same quality as the annual NU Football Media Guide, which is a top of the line publication. The clothing (T-shirt, Coaching Shirt, Sweatshirt, Jacket) is always very sharp as well. The lapel pin and the decal are great ways to show the nation that you support NU baseball! Each week, the Home Run Club sends you a newsletter via mail or email. Good info., stats, previews, etc. are always a welcomed sight. You will also be added to the Home Run Club Members list on the official Home Run Club website. The list has been growing steadily over the year. Let's add a few more names on there!

I want to make it clear that I have no affiliation with NU or the baseball program. I am just a fan speaking here. The NU Baseball Program really doesn't need anyone selling it, they use their on the field prowess to do that on their own. NU baseball is turning heads all over the nation and it is only just beginning. I just wanted to show some of the NU fans out there that might not even know about the Home Run Club. Take a look at the Home Run Club website at For those with children, there is also a Junior Home Run Club as well. It's a good way to introduce your children to the Big Red Fanaticism for only a $10 donation. There is also a link on there to find some excellent NU baseball and Home Run Club merchandise.

– Scott "Husker Kid" Kuhn Go Big RED.


Husker Home Run Club

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You can help support Husker Baseball.

The Husker Home Run Club is a booster organization formed to promote and support the University of Nebraska Baseball program. Annual donations to the Husker Home Run Club are used to maintain excellence in the Husker baseball program.

Husker Home Run Club Membership Levels:

    • Newsletter, 2002 Yearbook, Lapel Pin, Decal, T-Shirt - $50
    • Above + Coaching Shirt - $150
    • Above + Baseball Sweatshirt - $300
    • Above + Baseball Jacket - $500
    • Above + 8x10 Framed Team Picture - $750


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or By Phone at: 402- 472- 2269

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