Abner enjoys trip to Lincoln

Embellishment is a common theme in recruiting when it comes to height and weight. Measureables should usually be taken with a grain of salt. When Zane Abner visited Nebraska this past weekend though the coaches and medical staff were in for a surprise because he was as big as he said he was. The questions are now where he fits in and will be get an offer?

Zane Abner from Atkinson (Nebr.) got a chance to take a close look at Nebraska this past weekend. When Big Red Report caught up with Abner previously, he was waiting to get more attention from Nebraska before giving them a look. That attention has started.

"Yeah, we went up on Friday," Abner said. "It was pretty nice, very cool. It was my first chance to see things up close. I think that it was the attention that each player gets that caught my eye from the coaching staff."

"In the weight room, every time you do a lift they are right there with you making sure that you do it right and don't get hurt. After workouts they have a nutritional staff to get you things to replenish your body. They take care of you pretty good."

The new construction on campus for the facilities definitely caught Zane's eye. "Their new facilities that they are constructing right now. There is a lot of space. There are rooms for everything. In the new weight room they have natural light. They have coaches' offices above the weight room, overlooking the weight room. It's not quite complete. They have the hydro therapy stuff there too."

Abner and Nebraska have been straight forward with one another. Abner and his father, Bryan, mentioned that they didn't think that Nebraska was hiding anything from them or trying to do any side-stepping. Zane has been just up-front and answered his questionnaire from Nebraska truthfully.

"I was 6-foot-3.5 and 183 pounds. They were kind of surprised because on questionnaires people will inflate their height and weight a little bit, but mine was exact. It wasn't what they were expecting. They said that I had a very big frame and that I could be the biggest framed receiver on the team."

Abner had some conversations with Coach Bill Callahan and the other coaches about what position he might play at Nebraska. "I actually spoke with Coach Callahan and he spoke more about the defensive side. A lot of the coaches are talking to me about just coming in as an athlete probably. Then figure out where I fit in."

When it comes to picking a position, it really doesn't matter. Abner just wants to get on the field. "To me, either way, it doesn't matter. I want to get on the field either way. There hasn't been any talk about playing linebacker. Just wide receiver and safety."

Abner is definitely still being evaluation. That process could go very quickly though if Abner would come to camp this summer. "They are talking about still being in the process. They want to see me come to camp first. They want to put me in a competitive environment and see how that goes."

"Yeah, I am pretty positive that I will be going to camp. I haven't made it down to comparing schedules and seeing what session we can make it to yet. I know that I can't make it to the Scout.com All-American combine because that is the day of my prom."

Since Coach Scott Downing departed the state of Nebraska has been divided into nine areas, one for each full-time coach at Nebraska, to recruit. "Coach Elmassian is the coach that is recruiting me. I get along with him really good. He is a nice guy. He's real pleasant. He's someone that I could be around every day and get along with just fine."

Since the last time Big Red Report caught up with Abner some things have changed beyond his visit to Nebraska. He has seen an growing interest from other schools including hand-written letters from some places. As for right now the edge in the recruiting race goes to Nebraska, but an offer might go a long way for a school.

"Yes, my recruiting attention has picked up since the last time we spoke. I have received written letters from Iowa and Kansas State in the past week. I have got questionnaires from Kansas, Wyoming, Princeton, Yale, Illinois and Colorado State. Nebraska is my leader. If Nebraska offered I would have to think about some things, but it would be huge to me."

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