A fullback that makes you go 'wooo.'

People say football player and I don't know what it means to the younger kids, but to me, even though I am not all that old, I think of some hardnosed-grind-it-pound-it-dirt-eating mentality, wearing a set of pads. Call it old school if you like, but to me, that's just a football player. Well, I have got one for you. He fits all of that and then some, because that's the way he likes it and he is a rarity nowadays: a fullback with an offer from the Huskers.

William Anderson is a bite-the-piss type with the on-the-field disposition of a rattle snake. It's not like he doesn't want to be out there. He does. The problem is, especially if you are the other team, he's not all that fond of you. It's good for him then that he gets to take out some of that angst one play after another, but as any good fullback would say, he's got one type of play he particularly likes.

"It's an ISO-trap, right up the middle," William said. "I'm leading and I am taking out anyone in my way. That's when you get to have some fun, because there's always someone coming up the middle thinks he can take you."

"I like showing them they're wrong."

At 6 foot and 220 pounds, this Hazelwood East standout wouldn't instantly strike you as someone that is typical of formidable fullbacks. You think of players like Mike Alstott at Tampa Bay or Cory Schlesinger in Detroit, Anderson doesn't seem to stack up. Anderson is glad if someone wants to underrate him, because while he doesn't have the size those two have, he's got something they most definitely do:

The attitude

"I don't really think like I am blocking for someone, because I know I am, but that's not really what I am thinking," William said. "The ball is snapped and all I want to do is find someone to get in my way, so I can knock them out of it."

"It's football, man - this stuff, it's about hitting and there's nothing I like doing more than laying someone out on their butt."

William lost count of all the times he's taken out someone, leading the way for fellow Division 1-A recruit, running back Thomas Merriweather. He thinks about great hits from games last year and the year before that. There's one, though, that particularly sticks out.

"We got this thing called a wooo-hit –it's when you can hear the crowd after you hit someone," he said. "This linebacker came up the middle on a blitz and he was coming right at me."

"(laughing) That boy got the wooo hit out of him."

Merriweather himself commented about Anderson, but put it a little more simply as to what he thinks William's gift behind the line of scrimmage is. "Well, if there's someone in his way, they usually don't stay that way," he said.

Merriweather sounds almost as giddy when he says it as Anderson does. You can figure as to why, as this duo makes one of the most potent one-two punches of any backfield in the region this up-coming season. They weren't bad last year, Anderson taking his 600+ yards rushing, adding it to Thomas', ending up with over 2,100 for the season.

Oh yeah, Anderson can run with the ball, too, but you probably don't need to ask about what his style of running is. "I think I have pretty good speed, but my thing is about putting my shoulder down and moving the ball that way," Anderson said. "There's nothing like getting a full head of steam and some fool getting in your way."

"That's when you just put it down and drive the guy right over."

To be honest, I can't tell you the last time I talked to or even about a legit fullback at the prep level. It's probably been a couple of years, because it seems like the position has almost become extinct.

Judging on the interest Anderson has received thus far, if that was the case, the position could be making a comeback this year. "I'm on my third shoe box," Anderson said of how much mail he's received from schools thus far. "I'm getting them from all over the conference and some schools in the Big 10."

Anderson also said that at this point, he's gotten three written offers, those coming from the Missouri Tigers, the fighting Illini and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. All of them and those recruiting him are telling him that he could play either fullback or running back for them in the future.

Based on what some coaches have told him, Anderson could see it either way. "They tell me I run the ball like Eddie George and run people over like the "Bus", "William said of the former Heisman winner (George) and recently retired Pittsburgh Steeler running back in Jerome Bettis. "I figure I will do whatever it takes, just to get the job done."

That's high praise, enough that some players would say that's good enough, take their offers and wait for the rest to pour in. Not William, because he's eager to check a few of these places out. He said that of the camps he is almost certainly making, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska get the early nods. And he's still thinking about planning some more.

As to where he's leaning right now, that's one of the very few areas where Anderson isn't exactly sure what's going through his mind. "Heck, I don't know a thing about a lot of these schools, so I have to get out there and check them out for myself," he said. "I'll be able to do that with the camps and maybe I will get some other visits it. Right now, I'm not sure."

Don't expect any early decisions from Anderson, though, because that's another area where he actually will take it easy, more than happy to take everything in, learn all he can and see what might pan out.

As for the football, though, spying his last year at Hazelwood East, knowing that most of the team on both sides of the ball is coming back – he's got a different attitude toward that. It's pretty similar to the way he approaches just about everything else.

"We're feeling good, man, real good about this team this year," he said. "You've got to do the work, but we got the guys to make some noise this year."

As to the noise William plans to make himself, if it's screams from scoring touchdowns, he's happy. If it's people clapping, because the team got a first down, yeah, he can live with that. That's not what he wants, though. That's not what this guy wants to hear.

"I want to hear them go ‘wooo'," Anderson said of the crowd. "They do that and that means someone on the other team is laying on their back. I'm going to be doing that all year long."

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