The wait for OL could end soon

You can just tell it's about to happen. Even Matt Summers-Gavin knows it's about to happen. The question has been when and by who. When those questions are answered though, that team could go a long way with him. Nebraska is right there, but will they be the first to offer?

If there is a school in the bay area that has tradition and history of all the high schools it might be San Francisco (Calif.) St. Ignatius. Matt Summers-Gavin is the latest to come from that program. He is a 6-foot-4.5 and 275 pound offensive lineman.

"We went 7-5," Summers-Gavin said. "We went to the second round of playoffs and lost 3-0. Our offense didn't execute well and our defense played a great game. We had an opportunity for a fieldgoal and a bunch of opportunities for the endzone, but never pulled through."

Despite losing a heartbreaker in the playoffs, Summers-Gavin's season personally went very well. Along with blocking for a very high average and not allowing a sack he earned honors that very few under-classmen ever win in California.

"I got first team all-league and all-county. I was one of only two underclassmen to get all-league. I had about 100 pancakes on the season and blocked for a high percentage. I would say on the season that I graded out on average at about 90%. We had no official count. I don't think that I allowed a sack."

Beyond his performance on the field, one of the more attractive things about recruiting Matt is the offense that he comes from. "We run a pretty balanced offense at St. Ignatius. We have an equal amont of run plays and pass plays. We run traps and that can show that I can pull. We run sort of a pro-style offense."

While a man with Summers-Gavin's vertical size might prefer pass blocking first, he is a road-grader. He likes knocking people down or driving them all the way down the field. "I prefer run blocking. It's just about putting someone on the ground is pretty fun. I mean going back and watching it on tape or just to do it. It's fun to go head up on someone and just drive them."

It looks like the summer plans for Summers-Gavin are just about ready to get set and the first one probably has him visiting an in-state school. Beyond that though might consist of what time he has open and what schools come in on him this summer.

"I have no official plans for my summer. I am pretty sure that I will be attending the Rising Senior Camp at USC. I got invited to that by the offensive line coach at USC. I just spoke to him on Thursday. He told me that I was the first lineman that they spoke to in California."

"He said that he showed the staff my DVD and they all enjoyed it. He also said that he would try to get Pete Carroll on the phone when I was talking to him too. I would say that I have pretty high interest in USC right now."

Summers-Gavin has actually not picked up his first offer yet, but a lot of teams seem to be close. He is hearing what most players hear about this time and that is to come to camp, get evaluated and possibly get an offer.

"I actually do not have an offer as of right now. A lot of teams are saying come to summer camp, they like what they are seeing on tape, but they want to see me in person to get that scholarship offer. I think USC would be close to offering, go down have a good showing at the one day camp then an offer will be there."

"Cal wants me to go their practices. I haven't sent them my DVD yet. I spoke to the Arizona State coach and he seemed pretty interested. Miami invited me to their junior day and they said that they are evaluating my DVD right now. I got invited to the Washington junior day too, but I couldn't make either of those two."

"Nebraska sent a couple of handwritten letters. If an offer comes from them it would really boost their stock. I am actually doing their weight training program right now. I know that they have had the top weight and conditioning program. So I picked that up and going through that. I like that they have a solid foundation for working out. I know that they have a lot of history to their team. Just with the letters I am pretty interested."

Nebraska from a distance stand-point would be at a huge disadvantage in comparison to USC and Cal for Summers-Gavin. Fortunately for everyone outside of California the distance factor isn't much of a factor at all. He is looking for some key things when it comes to this decision, but overall he really wants the best situation for him.

"It would be the best situation. There really isn't a distance factor. I went to the Florida summer camp last year and I am really open to any school that is best for me. I am first looking at the academics. Football only lasts for a certain time and I have to have an education. The second would be the football program. I would like to go to a successful program where I could see myself being a factor on a team."

"I would also like to go to a place that has a lot of history to it. I go to a school now that has been around for 150 years. Just enjoying the campus life and seeing what is the best fit for me. There aren't any weather preferences or stuff like that. I am just looking for the best situation."

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