Goal: U.S. Army All-American

It's a goal of many to make the U.S. Army All-American game. Few make it though, but for those few it's a dream come true and places them among the elite in the nation. D'Angelo McCray has that goal in mind and will get a chance to put his skills on display in the coming weeks at the Scout.com All-American combine.

D'Angelo McCray has the size that you look for in an offensive tackle at 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds. He also has the speed that you might covet in a base end at 4.85 seconds. But, to put them all together is just dangerous. That is what makes McCray so special.

"I had 17 catches for 369 yards on offense and I had 13 sacks," McCray said. "I played tight end and defensive end. This year my coach is going to put me out at a little slot and also at some running back."

Those numbers pulled him in some of the highest honors that a junior can receive. "This year coming up I got Super 11. You have to get voted onto that team from the coaches in my county. I missed the all-state poll, but I got all-city."

McCray is a standout on offense and defense, but he says that it doesn't matter where you play him. He admits there is a preference and it really has a lot to do with making big plays, making highlights and catching the football.

"It doesn't matter. I like tight end because I can make plays. I like catching balls. I like catching balls and making highlights. I can block well, but I can catch when it's needed. I can go deep, but most of my routes are around 15-20 (yards). I can take off and go deep."

On defense, McCray brings size and speed. There aren't many tackles that can get out to stop him. He has the nose for the football and the quarterback. "I can get off blocks on defense. That is what most schools want me as too except for Notre Dame, Tennessee, Ole Miss and I think Miami are all trying to keep me at tight end, but Florida and Florida State all want me at defensive end. I like to get sacks."

This spring and summer plans to be a busy one for McCray who has camps starting in the next two weeks. He is also planning other one-day plans as well as a handful of unofficial visits. He would like to take more, but distance will play a part as well as time.

"I plan on going up to Clemson for a one day, I have the Nike camp (Gainesville) on the 20th like two days after our jamboree, South Carolina, Georgia Tech and Georgia are all unofficial visits, Florida State on March 27 for Junior Day and that is probably it. I was trying to get up to Notre Dame, but that is kid of lengthy."

One thing McCray won't be missing is the Scout.com All-American combine. He knows that it is a leap pad to the U.S. Army All-American game that he wants to be invited to so badly. "You coming to the Scout.com combine? I want to say it's March 19. I am going to try and do my best so I can play in the U.S. Army All-American game. It's really up to me this year. I am going to do it. I am doing it."

Beyond that camps, combines and unofficial visits McCray has some plans to get in shape this summer. The goal is to increase his endurance and that will allow him to play both-ways all year. "I would say my endurance. I can go the whole game, but I would be real winded. That is why I am in track now. It's about conditioning so I can play both-ways this fall."

It's still very early, but McCray has already picked up a sizeable amount of offers. The first round of cuts could come very soon for McCray who plans to work with his coach to inform some teams that he is thankful for their attention, but that he isn't interested in their school.

"I am up to around 20 offers. Right now, I have about five and my coach after the jamboree is going to write those other schools and tell them thanks for recruiting me, but I am really not interested. Right now I have five or six. They are Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, Ole Miss, and probably Tennessee and Miami."

Above everything else, McCray wants to make sure that when he is done with playing ball in college that he will have a degree. "Graduation rates is first. Academics, but that is kind of the same. Then it just comes down to living and where I will be living at. Distance was a big thing at first, but after talking to my mom she said not to worry about it and go where my heart tells me to go."

Beyond the schools in McCray's immediate area he has picked up some offers and is still getting a lot of interest. There was a team in the PAC 10 that offers, another in the Big 10 that is close and a lone Big 12 team ponied up an offer. He admits that none of those teams are eliminated.

"I got one from UCLA. I got one from Louisville. Michigan is looking at me right now. Nebraska offered me. I think about their program. When I heard Nebraska I thought about them being down for the last couple of years, but they have a lot of national championships so they could come back up easily, any time."

"They are still in it, I am still wide open. Those teams that I am looking at and will narrow it down to are really the schools that are showing the most interest right now. I am still wide open more than anything."

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