Husker offer for Texas DB now has company

There aren't many positions that aren't absolute needs every single year. For Nebraska, still rebuilding, that applies almost across the board. That is true for defensive back as they have a couple of good starters, but the rest of the depth chart is unclear. So, it's off to find DBs and one they have offered down in Texas is becoming more popular by the week. Now, Nebraska has a couple of more teams as competition.

It wouldn't be bad for Nebraska if they were the only ones to go after Aldine DB Curtis Thomas. That means they would get not just a big cornerback (6-1, 195) and not just one with wheels (4.49/40), but with 25 tackles for loss last season, along with three interceptions, this guy is the full package.

Of course, other teams had to get into the action

Most recently it's been Baylor and Kansas that have jumped in with written offers, taking Thomas' count to three. But check out the list of schools that are sending him mail every week:

Texas, Texas A&M, Tech, LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa, Rice, B.C. Arkansas, Nebraska, Duke, Yale, Utah, Iowa State, ….you get the point.

So, has the newfound attention made Thomas look at recruiting any differently than he did before? "Nope, everyone is still equal right now, because until I see them for myself, I can't say I know that much about them."

Getting out to check them this year is going to be hard, Thomas with a full slate, running a variety of track events this year. And he doesn't know if he'll see any team camps at all. The one camp that seems the most likely right now is the All-American Combine in Waco, which is scheduled on the 11th of this month.

For Nebraska fans and basically any fan outside of the state of Texas, and I guess, some of those inside the state as well, the question is, if Texas ultimately offers, is he ultimately a Horn, because that's all anyone seems to want to be nowadays. Not that you can blame them and Thomas even admitted that Longhorn fever is spanning the state like never before. "Man, since they won, it's been crazy everyone wanting to go there, just waiting for that offer," Curtis said. "To me, if they offer me, you know that's a great thing and I would be very thankful, but I'm not treating them any differently than I am anyone else."

"Yeah, it's Texas, but that doesn't mean it's the place for me. Like I said, I have to go visit a place to figure that out for myself."

The topic of official visits is one that Thomas isn't approaching right now, nor should be given the time from now to when they can take place after his junior year officially starts. He's just looking at what he's been looking at and will continue to look at, as he takes what seems will be an ever-growing list and make sure it doesn't get to out of hand.

"I'm learning a little here and there about schools, but I'll check them out a little more over time."

You'll have to forgive Thomas if he's not totally engrossed in recruiting right now. Yes, it's great getting offers and it's wonderful knowing that no matter what, whatever you do now, you've got yourself a full ride.

But he's got one more season to play at the high school level and you don't have to ask him twice how excited he is for that season to start. "Man, we are going to be good," Thomas said of the Mustangs, who went 3-6 last year. "We are bringing back like 26 lettermen and all that inexperience we had last year, is going to be ready to go this time."

Thomas is hoping that his team makes it to where all teams in 5A want to be, San Antonio, The Alamo Dome, playing for the state title. And if it's a REALLY perfect world, they'll be taking on the team nobody has been able to beat. "Yeah, it would be nice to play Southlake, because they are good, but man, they don't send anybody to Division 1-A," Thomas said of two-time defending state champion Southlake Carroll. "Half the teams we lost to were sending like five and six guys and one even sent 12."

"I'd love to be on the team that took them down."

Well, if that does happen, that more than likely means that Thomas took a great junior campaign and made out even better in his senior year. And that means more mail. More mail, more offers, more attention, letters turning to phone calls and phone calls turning to visits and all that great stuff that Thomas knows is going to be here before he knows it.

You know what? He doesn't care, saying that it doesn't matter right now. The only thing that matters is what he thinks after he gets to see a team in person. Until then, he's just taking it all in. "I'm not in any rush," he said. "It's not like I don't have other stuff to do."

"Can't forget what I have to do now, just because I know I have a future. What I have to do is to make sure that I am as good as I can be and ready to get on the field right away. I'll figure the rest out later."

Added stuff: Thomas likes Nebraska, but they don't have his full attention. But honestly, as if you couldn't tell by some of his quotes, nobody really has his full attention right now. He may be putting up a smokescreen, but he seems pretty serious that he's going to take this whole thing pretty slow right now.

I think he's got that luxury, too, because before it's all said and done, this kid is going to be a hot, hot commodity.

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