First offer comes sooner than expected

Big Red Report spoke with Matt Summers-Gavin earlier this week. It was then that he was still searching for that first offer and USC might have been close to being the first to offer. He admitted that Nebraska had picked up the pace in recruiting him and he found out this week how serious they are about recruiting him.

That didn't take long. Matt Summers-Gavin, just days after talking to Big Red Report picked up his first offer. The offer that had eluded him for so long was literally days away.

"My coach said that he spoke with Coach Dennis Wagner from Nebraska and he told him that an offer was in the mail," Summers-Gavin said. "I still haven't received it though."

In our previous interview, Summers-Gavin mentioned that an offer from Nebraska would go a pretty long ways. "I was definitely really excited to get that first offer and from a pretty prestigious program. You know a Big 12 program and all. It's a lot. It's kind of overwhelming."

Nebraska has faced a tough loss of offering a player in-state second and ultimately lost Harland Gunn to Miami in part to that. What did Summers-Gavin think about his offer from an out of state school first?

"It's humbling. I don't really know what to say. I am just trying to keep a level head about it all. I know that everyone around me is very excited about it. I don't know. It's a lot. I am pretty grateful."

Summers-Gavin really didn't think that an offer from Nebraska was something that he could expect given the attention that he had received from the Cornhuskers up to that point. He admitted that it was out of the blue and caught him by surprise.

"The offer from Nebraska was out of the blue. They sent their questionnaire and they sent some camp information. Then they sent me some hand-written letters and I guess my coach called Nebraska and they discussed some things. That is when he was told about the offer, so it was pretty out of the blue."

An offer from USC could be around the corner for Matt and it would be a very important offer to add. However, he doesn't think that an offer from the Trojans would be enough to just end the process. He is looking to take his official visits and see some places before making a decision.

"I wouldn't think so. I think that I want to go on official visits. I don't think that I want to commit early right now being that I got this first offer, this first pretty amazing first offer. I want to take all five of my visits and find the best place for me."

Summers-Gavin was going to take some camps and some visits, but they were more in his region as opposed to a place as far away as Nebraska. None of his plans are final this summer and he is thinking that if he sees Nebraska it would probably be an official visit, but hasn't ruled out taking a camp there either.

"I think that would be more of an official thing. I think that I will just be doing camps on the west coast most likely. Maybe a little outside of that, but that is just a possibility. I am just weighing my options. I haven't made any definite plans. I might go to a camp there (at Nebraska). It depends on how everything turns out."

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