Nebraska early leader for physical phenom

There are going to be a lot of athletes, whose numbers will simply make you go 'wow'. This two-way star is one of those. He's fast, has hops like you wouldn't believe and he's a recruited DB, who stands over six foot tall. And right now, Nebraska is his leader.

Texas, Wisconsin, UCLA and Oklahoma

Pretty impressive offers, especially this early in the year.

Oak Creek high's Victor Reynolds looks at them, likes them, but he has politely said "thanks, but no thanks."

No, it's not that he doesn't want to attend any one of those places, but the problem is, those scholarship offers are for the wrong sport. "Those are track offers," Reynolds said. "I like track, but that's not what I want to do."

Standing as one of the best prep long jumpers in the country, Reynolds finds himself coveted as a track and field star for the future. His current long in the event is 23 foot, 7 inches, but he ranks as one of the elite in the triple-jump, his long of 48 feet, 11 inches, putting him as one of the top ten in the entire country in that event.

Reynolds will be doing that this year and hoping to better that, but he'll be running the 100m as well, something he hasn't done since he was in ninth grade. "The coaches just thought I should stick to jumping, because they thought that's what I would be the best at," Reynolds said of his former track coaches at Milwaukee Tech H.S. "But I am running the 100 this year, which will be the first time I have ran it since I was a freshman."

As a freshman, Reynolds posted a best time of 10.8.

Yeah, this kid can fly

That's another no-brainer, though, as Victor may have not ran any speed events last year, he was at a track camp, where he said that he posted the best 40-time he's ever ran, at least, electronically. "Yeah, the 4.31 at the track camp was the best I had, but I ran faster than that handheld," he said.

So, he's got the speed and it's obvious he's got the hops, though, he does have a reported 42 inch vertical is his numbers in the long and triple jump didn't convince you. But don't think this kid is all track and no gridiron, because he's managed to translate his numbers to the field very well. "I had six interceptions last year and took four of them back for touchdowns and I was second on the team in tackles," Victor said of his defensive numbers. "And at running back, I had around a thousand yards and I scored 10 touchdowns."

Oh, and he's 6 foot and a half, weighing right at 193 pounds.

Tell me you aren't drooling over this kid

The colleges are, but, of course, it's because of his track and field prowess. One school, though, has already seen to offer him for what he can do on the field. And oddly enough, it happen to do with kind of a random meeting he had in the office of his new high school head coach. "I was just going to coach Koch's office and coach Callahan was there," Victor said of Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan. "I said hi, but we really didn't talk all that much and that was pretty much it."

"Three days later I had an offer in the mail."

It's his first offer in writing for football, something Reynolds said he is particularly happy about, especially since he already knows a little about NU. And much like the attention he's getting from colleges right now, that knowledge doesn't pertain completely to the Huskers' tradition on the football field.

"Robert Rands is a friend of mine, someone I have competed against a few times," Victor said of the one-time scholarship football player for Nebraska, now full-time track athlete. "We were even going to go to the Pan Am games together at one point."

If you know high school track and field, the connection between these two is obvious. As the jumps have been Reynolds' forte', so to have they been for Rands, the one-time prep standout ranking as the best long jumper in the nation indoors and he currently holds the Nebraska state record with a jump (outdoors) of over 25 feet, 6 inches, breaking the old mark, held by the one and only Gayle Sayers.

That mark would put Rands tops in the nation right now in high school, were he still competing.

Reynolds knows all about Rands' ability and despite his slight frame, Robert standing only 5 foot, 7 inches tall, Victor always saw him as a major challenge. "I finished second to him the last time we faced each other," Reynolds said. "For a little guy, that boy can jump."

Back to football, Reynolds can't wait for this year, because he knows he's on a team that should be one of the best in the state, if not ranked as one of the best in the country. His transfer, along with that of approximately five other standout players from around the state, have in Reynolds' mind secured themselves the team to put a beating on anyone that gets in their way.

Especially Racine

"Hey, that's Oak Creek's rival, so that's my rival now and they beat Oak Creek last and won the state title," Victor said. "That's not happening this year. This year they are going down, along with anyone else that gets in our way."

You'll have to forgive Victor's confidence, but that's a byproduct of not just his ability, but the position he plans on playing at the next level. He said of that position and the game itself, if you aren't confident, you aren't playing the game. "You have to think there's nobody you can't beat and there isn't one guy that you can't take one-on-one," he said. "You never know what you are going to see and who you are facing, so you have to approach them all the same and that's with the attitude that you can't be beat. They just don't know it yet."

That confidence, though, doesn't translate to recruiting, because it's something he's learning about as he goes. Yes, he's had plenty of attention from track and field, but in his mind he knows what he wants to do. Now he just has to figure out where he's going to do it.

To that end, Reynolds has some visits in mind, but nothing officially set, though, he's talked to his primary recruiter from Nebraska (defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove) about not just visiting there unofficially, but attending one of their camps this summer. "It's be a great chance to see what they have," Victor said. "From everything I have heard, it sounds like a great place, but you never know about a place until you check it out for yourself."

Amongst the other schools that he's interested in, Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Minnesota and Wisconsin figure as those he likes the best, but don't ask him about USC. Reynolds might be the only prep in the country, that if USC offered, he wouldn't be interested at all. "No way I am going to USC," Reynolds emphatically said. "They are done, their time is over. It's time for someone else now."

I doubt anyone else thinks like that, but Victor said something that is actually very insightful, especially for someone of his age. "These things go in cycles, even for the great teams," he said. "They've had their time, but that's over now."

"It will be times for teams like Texas, Notre Dame and other teams like Nebraska, who are back on the up. USC isn't going anywhere but down."

While his comments will raise some eyebrows, Reynolds will look to his play to raise even more. But you might not even have to wait that long before he has his college decision out of the way. If things go well, Victor said that he could have his decision done as early as the first part of his last season of football. That is, if he gets all the visits in he wants to make.

"The more I learn now, the faster I know I can make my decision," he said. "I'd like to have it out of the way, too. This is going to be a great year for us and I know we are going to do great. I would just as soon know where I am going before all of that."

Reynolds said as of right now, Nebraska is the obvious leader and he's hoping he can make a trip down there sometime soon. But, of course, there's plenty of chances for others to get into the mix. Reynolds is just waiting for others to step up. "I'm open to anyone and everyone, but Nebraska is the team right now," Victor said. "That's my one offer, but I'm telling you, if that's all I get, that's fine. That's a great place and I really like the coaches I have met. I guess we'll just see what happens."

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