Amie shines in Waco

He slipped in the 40, but everyone saw it and it didn't matter. At 6-foot-4.5 and 215 pounds, his slip time was still very good. Jacob Amie definitely raised his stock today and his first offer could come any day on the heels of a strong performance at the All-American combine.

On paper Jacob Amie is already very impressive. As a wide receiver he is 6-foot-4.5 and 215 pounds. The Tyler (Texas) Lee standout could stay as a wide receiver or grow into a tight end or even a defensive end.

Today though went about as perfect as it could for Amie. He was one of the receivers that all eyes would be on especially after Terrance Toliver was a no show.

"Yeah, I did pretty good," Amie said. "I slipped on my 40 and ran a 4.62. They all saw that (the slip). I measured in at 6-foot-4.5 and 215 pounds. I lost some time on that slip. I ran some the other day on the track and I ran a 4.48 and a 4.49 in spikes."

Today was a day to shine for Amie whose name isn't as big as some of the other receivers in the state of Texas, but his body and his abilities might be bigger. He took advantage of the situation today.

"I did great, I really did great. I was doing really good in the one on one drills."

Amie isn't sure if he has an offer yet or not. None have reached him as being written offers, but he admits that his coach is getting some pretty serious contact from two schools and if they haven't offered they seem to be very close.

"I don't know if they offered or not, but Texas A&M and Oklahoma State seem to be close to offering. My coach was talking to me about it, but I didn't get into it a lot with him about it. They might have offered."

The summer hasn't technically started with, but this is one of two combines that Amie plans to hit. After that he is looking to try and improve himself for this summer. He admitted that he was a bit lighter today than what he thought he was.

"Other than this I will do a Nike camp and seven on seven the rest of the summer. I will be working out and I want to improve my speed."

Amie had 20 receptions for 324 yards and no touchdowns last year averaging 16 yards per catch. As a junior, Amie only played offense, but as a senior he will find himself playing both ways by playing defensive end as well.

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