No time off for Paul

The 300m hurdle wasn't supposed to be Paul's race, it just sort of kind happened that way. The 110m was Paul's race, but late in the race he hit a hurdle which caused him to lose the race. He is on the track again looking to defend his 300m title and get the 110m title that alluded him last year.

There is less and less time between sports anymore. Niles Paul was in the district tournament when track started. When he finished up basketball it was right onto track. No rest for the wicked.

"I'm already running track," Paul said. "I went straight from playing basketball into track. They had already started track when we were playing basketball."

This year is a big year for Paul who is looking to defend one track title. More than that though, he wants the one that really slipped through his hands last year.

"I will be defending the 300m hurdle title. I got second in the 110m hurdles last year. I am also going to run the 100m and the relay this year. I have run the 100m before in the past. I think that I am going to run the 100m in 10.8 or 10.9 seconds."

The idea of three-peating as a state champion in the 300m isn't something that has crossed Paul's mind. It isn't because the idea isn't realistic, rather it wasn't something that Paul set out to do in the 300m.

"I have no idea if anyone has done a three-peat as the hurdle champion. The 300m isn't something that I really thought about. It's not my forte. The 110m, the only reason why I lost is because I hit that last hurdle and lost by a tenth of a second."

It seems like there is a combination of things that you need when it comes to running hurdles. The bottom line though, is that you need to be explosive.

"It takes speed and height. Not necessarily height, but quickness. The faster you get over a hurdle, or the more that you make the hurdle as opposed to stopping and jumping over the hurdle, the better hurdler you are. It's explosion."

Before Paul committed to Nebraska he had some very big plans for the summer. Plans that included taking multiple camps to other schools. Since his commitment though, his plans have changed a bit and the focus has become improving himself. He is looking to family for some help in that area.

"Working out, going to my uncle's house (Ahman Green), working out and getting stronger, getting faster, doing some training and still going to some camps. I think that I am supposed to go to the Iowa City combine for All-American. My goals are to get stronger, to get faster and to run routes better. I am getting better at all of those already."

Paul recently picked up his second offer. An offer that came from another Big 12 North team. Rest assured Husker fans, the offer will not cause Paul to begin second-guessing his commitment to Nebraska.

"Iowa State came in and offered Phillip Bates and I. Those offers just came in. It doesn't do anything for me, personally, but it is a good thing to know. It's good to know that others schools are still looking at you and want to offer you."

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