All-Everything RB could be visiting Lincoln

As running backs go, there's few (if any) that would be considered more physically ideal than Pflugerville's Joseph Reese. Standing approximately 6 foot, 2 inches tall and weighing close to 200 pounds, this prep is almost stereotypical as to what you want to see. But you don't have to take my word for it, as he's got the offers to prove it, in fact one of his more recent offers, what most consider THE offer for any kid in the lone star state.

Joseph Reese has seen his stock shoot up dramatically over the last few months. He's gotten offers from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona and Texas A&M, just to name a few. But he didn't have that one offer, the one everyone thinks every single kid in the state of Texas is waiting for.

Well, he has it now.

"Yeah, I have an offer from Texas now," Reese said. "It was nice, but it's an honor to get an offer from anyone."

Unlike most of the kids who have garnered offers from the Longhorns, Reese still maintains himself as a recruit, rather than a Texas commit. It's not that he doesn't like Texas, because it would be almost impossible not to. It's just that Reese has his feet very firmly planted on the ground. "My parents say that I am one hit away from being nothing, so when I am looking at a school, there's a lot more that will go into it than what kind of football program they have," he said. "It's about academics, how comfortable I am with the place and the coaches and also, how I fit in."

"I'm taking this whole thing way too seriously to just commit just because some school offers."

Joseph has his head on straight, but it's probably not all that difficult considering the fact that his brother (Terrell) went through this whole process just this last season. Like Joseph, Terrell was sporting some pretty serious offers and almost had his choice of where he wanted to go. He ended up at Arizona.

If not Texas, that's where many others think that Joseph will go, obviously wanting to continue playing with his brother. Reese said that would be nice, but there's only one problem with that. "It's too hot down there," Joseph joked. "I like it cold. I can always put a jacket on, but if are hot, you just stay hot and the only way to get out of it is to go inside."

Reese jokes, but he says that weather really isn't an issue for him, because as he said before, there's a lot that goes into just where he wants to go. But he's excited that he'll basically have his choice. "It's a privilege having offers like I do, being able to get my education almost wherever I want," he said. "Now I just have to get out there and start checking them out.

While there are no definite plans to visit any particular place this summer or even as early as this spring, Reese talked about places he wouldn't mind seeing if possible. "I know I am going to go down to Arizona with Terrell," he said. "It's just a chance to get out of the house. And I am thinking of taking a visit up to Nebraska, maybe for the spring game if I can."

"A lot of it is going to be based on transportation and how hard it will be to swing the visits, but I would like to get up there and check it out."

Reese thinks back to when he was in eighth grade, watching the Huskers and their Heisman winning quarterback Eric Crouch. He said that he liked watching Nebraska, but his brother was more of a Sooner fan. Reese said that he gravitated toward Nebraska, because they represented what he has always felt was his kind of team. "Power, just raw power and an attitude that they are just going to wear you out," Joseph said of the Huskers. "I loved watching them, because they would just pound it at you and pound it at you and pretty soon, the other team just gave up."

"They aren't quite like that now, but it looks like they want to do that at times and that's what I like – big, strong and mean."

Reese is a little of that himself, taking his sizeable frame and inflicting as much damage on opponents as he can. He's done it to such an extent, he's been compared to a former Texas high school star, who has done pretty well for himself thus far. "A coach that used to coach Adrian Peterson said that he and I are really alike physically," Joseph said. "But he said that when the compared ability, I wasn't as good."

Not yet anyway

Reese doesn't have a problem with being told he's not quite to the level that Adrian Peterson achieved when he was ranked the number one running back in the country. He doesn't consider that an insult at all. In fact, he considers that motivation, because while he's not trying to be "A.D.", duplicating his achievements wouldn't be too bad. "You look at what he's done, hey, I'm not as good as he is. I can deal with that, but that just makes me want to get better," Reese said.

"There's always guys you might look at, that are similar to you and do things how you do them, so you have kind of standard you want to reach. Mine is always just doing the best I can and if we win, I don't care what I had for numbers. But it's nice to be considered one of the best."

Reese will have that mark as if he doesn't already. Imposing, fast and physical, on paper, he's a running back coaches' dream come true. Will that dream end up coming true for Texas or will someone else luck out and be a school that could pull one of the best from the grasp of the defending national champion?

Reese says that he has no idea, because it's too early for any of that, especially when it comes to projecting where he'll go. "I've got to get out there and check these places out and I'll see what fits me best," he said. "I don't know that I see myself leaving the state, but I will go wherever I need to, if I feel that's the place for me."

"You can't say how you will feel at a certain time, because I honestly don't know. I probably won't know anything for awhile. That's ok, though, I'm in no hurry. Right now I've got nothing but time."

Reese reports a 3.0 GPA and rushed for 967 yards on 73 carries in five games last year during a shortened season, due to a dislocated shoulder. Joseph also boasts a best of 10.4 in the 100m.

Joseph Reese Soph. year video

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