Nebraska hitting Texas for wideouts

It's safe to say that as Nebraska starts to fill up with wideouts, they will need more every single recruiting season. In an offense like this, which can at times feature four-wide, there's never enough good receivers you can have on your team. One out of Texas they are going after is already one of the hottest receivers in regard to offers. At least for right now, though, the main competition for him exists outside of the Lonestar state.

It's the age of the big receiver, everyone wanting that Larry Fitzgerald prototype or someone like Randy Moss. That hasn't stopped the receivers that aren't quite as large from getting some publicity of their own. Percy Harvin, not even six foot tall, was ranked as one of the to receivers in the country last year. Derrick Williams, standing 6 foot even, was one of the top receivers around the year before that.

Ron Brooks out of MacArthur high school in Irving, Texas will try to put himself into that group of elites.

Standing 6 foot, weighing `170 pounds, Brooks' size gives him the maneuverability a lot of wide receivers much bigger than he is don't have. It's allowed him to see a multitude of coverages, because nobody is sure quite how to play him. "Sometimes they will play off or on the line, but they try all kinds of things," Brooks said of the schemes he sees. "I think last year only two teams really tried playing me "man" the whole game. In one of those, I had like three touchdowns and I don't know how many yards."

On the season Brooks totaled 776 yards on under 50 catches, averaging over 16 yards per grab.

All those yards didn't come easy, but this year Brooks knows that they will come just as hard if not harder. "I'm probably going to see more double-teams or zone coverage, teams trying to play the ball instead of me," he said. "That's ok, because when they do that, that's when you get them over the top."

Boasting just over a 22 second 200m time, Brooks can certainly do that.

Of course, all of this isn't the problem. The problem is figuring out where he'll be doing that.

The list of schools keeps growing as the offers are coming in by the bundle, Ron not even sure where he is at right now. But the list he could remember of those who have offered him in writing, is still pretty darn good:

Florida, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State

I know what you are saying and Brooks is saying it to, but he said that he's not waiting around to figure out why the national champion Texas Longhorns haven't gone after him. In fact, at least right now, they aren't looking at him at all. "Nothing, I don't even think a letter from them," Ron said of the amount of recruiting he's getting from Texas. "That's my school right there and where I would like to go, but I'm not going to wait around for them. There are lots of offenses out there which fit what I do."

Brooks will be looking for anything from a pro-style to a spread, wanting to play for a team that has the flexibility to run two-receiver sets or as many as five. He just wants to go someplace that throws the ball. "I'm just looking for opportunities, that's all," Brooks said. "It's up to me to make the most of them, so a team just has to give you the chances to do something with the ball."

Since he's not sitting by the mailbox waiting for Texas, Ron said he's going to try and make a few unofficial visits during the spring and summer. He said he's already been to Oklahoma, which he liked, and will see try to make it to Oklahoma State, TCU and Nebraska.

Brooks will admit that he doesn't know a lot about the Cornhuskers right now, but he's seen at least a little of what they do. "I've seen that they are running a pro-style system, which is pretty close to what I want to do," Ron said. "It's not to get into the pros, because you have to take care of business first in college, but it fits what I do best."

After the unofficial visits, Brooks said he doesn't have any idea of what he's going to do, because with track season approaching and football after that, his slate will be full. But he likes the offers and the idea that there will be more. If Texas doesn't come calling, it gives him that many more opportunities to make a statement somewhere else. "In the end, I just want to play, so give me the ball and let's go," he said.

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