Box getting a lot of Nebraska attention

If you thought that getting top players out of Texas, Florida or California was tough then you need to go to a bit less-populated state with super-power football team. Like for instance, Oklahoma. There is a lot of great prep football in the state of Oklahoma and getting anyone to leave the state who has an in-state offer is a feat.

That is exactly what Nebraska is trying to do. Austin Box is a standout player from Enid (Okla.). He is an athletic prospect who has great height and size already as a junior at 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds. The season didn't go as well as he had hoped, but there were some close games that just didn't go their way.

"It went alright, we finished 4-6," Box said. "We lost two or three close games. Those were games that could have gone either way."

"I had a pretty good season. It was my first season at quarterback and I passed for 1400 yards, 16 touchdowns, rushed for 850 yards and 12 touchdowns. I was a running back or receiver before that. I just kind of moved around a lot. Quarterback is not really a natural position for me. I think that my athleticism allows me to do well at that position."

While Box was ready for his offensive stats it is his defensive abilities that have teams coming to Enid trying to recruit him. "I made all-state for free safety. Schools are projecting me to play outside linebacker or free safety in college. I am up to six offers. I have offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Kansas State, Kansas and Texas Tech."

Box has the guidance of a father that played at a local NAIA school in Oklahoma and the influence siblings that are currently attending college in-state at the same school that he followed growing up.

"My father played for Northwestern Oklahoma. My sisters attend college at Oklahoma right now. I followed Oklahoma closely growing up. It has been kind of tough from hopping on right away. You know, growing up it's your favorite team, the team you always wanted to play for, and it was kind of a dream to get that offer."

That patience to wait is a credit to Box. He wants to go through the process and make a good decision. He knows that he grew up a fan of Oklahoma, but that can't be the overwhelming factor in his decision when it comes to doing what is best.

"Just the fact that a lot of other great schools have offered me, schools that I want to check out, and I don't want to let the fact that I was a big Oklahoma fan control my decision. I want to be able to check out some other schools and see what they are about before I make a decision."

An indirect connection to Oklahoma comes from Nebraska. Former Oklahoma head coach, John Blake, is recruiting Box for Nebraska. Blake recruits the state of Oklahoma for Nebraska and has long since been said to be one of the top recruiters in the nation.

"Coach John Blake from Nebraska is recruiting me. I like him a lot. We get to talk a lot. I just really enjoy talking to him. He has told me that they are on the rise again, just returning to how they were in the mid-90s. I was already very aware of their tradition because I followed Big 12 sports growing up an Oklahoma fan. It really is a great tradition that Nebraska has."

The Nebraska staff has already offered, but they would still like Box to make it up to a camp. Time this summer will be difficult for Box to make. "They would like to me to come up for a camp this summer and I would like to as well, but I have a pretty heavy baseball schedule in the summer and I would like to play it by ear and work stuff in. I play centerfield in baseball."

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