Oklahoma prep with Nebraska connection

Out of the Sooner state, there are more than a good amount of kids, who head off to play Division 1-A ball. Of course, each and every one of them is expected to play at Oklahoma, if they get that coveted written offer. Jared Glover might be considered one of those, but he's keeping an open mind and he's currently researching the offers he has from both Nebraska and Kansas State. Nebraska intrigues him especially, because he has a connection to the state. The question is, will that be enough?

You want sacks? I'll give you sacks.

How about 21?

That's what outside linebacker Jared Glover amassed for Bixby high school last year as his team battled all the way to the runner up state champs this last season. Playing out of a 3-4 defense, Jared's job was simple:

"I blitzed," Glover said of what he did most of the season. "I probably blitzed 75% of the time."

Out of that kind of defense, you would expect a hearty amount of blitzing, especially from his position. But the fact that Glover is over 6 foot, 4 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds, he's conceivably a rush end playing linebacker. Glover is so athletic, he's being recruited for both sides. But there's only one side he would ideally like to play.

"I like to hit, so I would say defense," he said. "I just like being able to get into the backfield or knock someone on their back."

Jared did that a total of 91 times last year and he got so prolific at that, especially when it came to getting into the backfield, he remembers when the quarterbacks were making sure everyone knew where he was. "I didn't notice it until we watched film, but the quarterback from Ardmore was pointing me out almost every single snap," Glover said. "That's a really good feeling when you see that, because you know they are thinking they have to stop you."

That obviously won't be any easier this year, especially when he has a teammate coming back the likes of sophomore defensive end Beau Vently. As happy as Glover was knowing this his sack total broke the school mark of 16, that happiness was short lived when his teammate on the line ended up with 25.

I don't know about you, but that HAS to be one of the most potent sacking duos in the country.

Vently will no doubt get his share of recruiting attention, but until he's a junior, he'll have to wait before that attention gets handed to him in writing. That's what Glover has gotten, his first two offers coming from Kansas State and Nebraska and at least with the Huskers, there's a connection Jared has to the capital city in the Husker state.

"My dad was born there and I still have family there," Jared said. "I remember watching Nebraska as a kid and my dad would root a little for Nebraska. But I know we are all pretty big Oklahoma fans."

That's the inevitable question that comes up, the speculation with him as with any other prep football player in the state, who is good enough to play Division 1. It's not usually a matter of "if", rather "when" they will commit if they get that offer from Norman.

While Glover readily admits that he's grown up a Sooner fan, he's not so willing to say that the offer from there is the end-all-be-all to recruiting and that it would be all but over if Bob Stoops extended the offer. "I'm an Oklahoma fan, no doubt, but I'm not going to commit to a place, just because I'm a fan," Jared said. "I am looking at a lot of things beside just what I feel about the program as a fan."

Glover names some of the usual criteria – depth, opportunity and a chance to get better. He also says that it wouldn't hurt if it were closer to home. As much as he likes the chance to play for anyone, he would just as soon that his parents would be able to see him play every game. "They have been so good to me, I think it's only right that they get to see as many of my games as possible," he said. "So, I'd like to play closer and places like Nebraska and Kansas State, they aren't all that far away."

Since Nebraska and Oklahoma haven't been true rivals for years, in regard to playing every season, Jared hasn't grown up with seeing the Sooner and Huskers go at it the way that we can remember before the formation of the Big 12. But he knows plenty about the tradition and he knows plenty about the success of the person that's recruiting him out of Lincoln. "I know Nebraska used to win all the time and with coach Callahan, they are trying to get back to where they were," Glover said. "And coach (John) Blake, you know he's good, because he's got like three Super Bowl titles as a line coach when he was with the Cowboys."

Now don't think that just because OU hasn't offered, they aren't interested in the standout linebacker. They are as Jared says he's gotten some mail from them, but he's gotten even more e-mail, Glover stating that he's gotten a few from head coach Bob Stoops. But Jared isn't waiting around, because he's going to make his decision fairly soon and he's got quite a few visits to make.

"I know I am visiting Nebraska on April 1st, Arkansas on April 15th and Kansas State on April 21st," he said of visiting those schools for their "junior days. "And I will be going to the Nike Combine down at Kansas State too, which is on the 22nd I think. After that, I will go to the Oklahoma camp which is at the beginning of June."

Jared is cramming them in as fast as he can, because while he plans on being very thorough in his research of schools, he's not going to sit around wasting time thinking about where he wants to go. In fact, Jared says that by the time this off-season is over, he'd like to have the decision out of the way.

"I'd really like to just be able to concentrate on my school and football my senior year," he said. "So, I am hoping by mid-summer or thereabouts, I'll know what I want to do."

If Oklahoma comes in by that point, great and Jared says that they will be considered the same as all the rest. If they don't, Jared says that he's not sure he'd wait around for them to step up to the plate. He's an Oklahoma fan, of course, but he said that being a fan won't determine a thing.

"No matter where I play, I'm always going to be an Oklahoma fan," Jared said. "If I play there, great, but even if they offer, it still might not be the best place for me. Just because you like a place as a fan, doesn't mean it fits exactly what you want as a student and I'm a student first. The football comes after that."

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