Huskers quick to offer big back in Texas

You can be successful recruiting in Texas, as an out of state team, and not necessarily get any of the top 10 or even the top 25 kids in the state. There is just that much talent. That doesn't mean that Cody Johnson isn't a top 10 or 25 player in the state, but there are out of state schools trying to get him to think about leaving the Lonestar State.

Cody Johnson is a big back from Waller (Texas). Johnson comes in at 5-foot-10, 220 pounds and was at one time running a 4.4/40. He led his team to a very successful season, but in a loss that might have cost his team a chance at the playoffs, he couldn't do anything about the outcome.

"We went 7-2, but we didn't make it into the playoffs," Johnson said. "Hurricane Rita stopped us. Rita hit a school that we were to play and hit them pretty bad. They were supposed to forfeit and they didn't. It went to a coin flip and we lost."

Despite the loss of the game by a coin flip, Johnson had a very successful year despite playing in only about half of all the games. "I had 156 carries for 1,608 yards. I averaged over 10 yards per carry. I think that I had 21 touchdowns. I won first team all-district and second team all-area. I really didn't play a lot in the second half in most games."

You see Johnson on paper and you see speed with the 4.4/40, but you also have to realize that this is a 220 pound running back as well. "My power and my strength. I can find the holes pretty good, but that isn't one of my biggest strengths. I am pretty fast for my size. My blocking is pretty good. We run an "I". We are an option team."

There really isn't any telling what his 40 time is right now because he had surgery recently. At one time though it was a 4.4. "I had surgery in the past and I haven't ran my 40 in a while. That 4.4 time was from the past. I just got released so I have to work hard to get there again. It was a minor setback."

Despite limited playing time this fall schools have already ponied up offers for Johnson, even his childhood favorite. "I am up to about five offers I think. They are from Texas, Texas A&M, Iowa State, Nebraska, LSU and I think that I am missing someone. I followed Texas growing up. I love Texas, but when you get older you get passed the love and look at other things to pick your school."

"I am looking for a good education. I want to get my education. I am looking for a good living environment. I want a real good football program, because I don't want to be on a losing squad."

Distance isn't a big time for Johnson now, but it was once. He realized that these schools want to pay for your education and that he needs to just fit his criteria into his decision. "It was a big thing, but not really anymore. When you get a chance to go to a school, especially on a full-ride, you can't be choosy and picky. It was a big issue a couple of months ago. It's wherever I go now."

Johnson is already sitting on a top four, but he hasn't necessarily eliminated anyone yet. While he isn't looking to stay close to home he is looking at another factor about playing in front of fans and with players from in-state.

"Yes sir, I have my favorites. I have Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma and LSU. I didn't necessarily eliminate Nebraska and Iowa State, Texas and Texas A&M are two schools where basically all Texas people go. Me being a Texas person I want to represent my state. I know more about Texas A&M, Texas, LSU and Oklahoma than I do about the other schools."

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