The call has gone out - Nebraska needs DBs

Nebraska has one senior DB this season in Zack Bowman and one junior in Cortney Grixby. With Bryan Wilson and Tierre Green's move to safety, there's not much beyond that. The call is going out to DBs around the country to fill some spots, which will soon become emergency needs. Out of the sunshine state, Ahmad Black could be one of the best, but is certainly one of the most prolific and he's holding an offer from the Huskers.

Having started since his sophomore season at Lakeland high school in Lakeland, Florida, Ahmad Black is as much a target on defense as those he's pointing at on offense as to who they need to stop. Playing either safety spot Ahmad said sometimes it is more like being in track than it is a football game. "They know who I am, so nobody really tries to get close to me," Ahmad said of the opponents his team faces. "I have just gotten used to having to make my own plays, because they are all going to the other side of the field."

Black did plenty of that this last season, totaling 70 tackles, including 40 of those solo and he grabbed six interceptions on the season. The amount of solos is impressive in respect to how many overall tackles he's had, but even more impressive is how Black gets them.

Believe it or not, this is a potential future DB, who can't get enough of supporting the run.

"I love coming up in there on the line of scrimmage," he said. "It's one of my favorite things to do. I spend so much time running across the field on passing plays, it's nice to be able to come up to the line and just hit someone.

That's not typical of a DB prospect, who stands just over 5 foot, 10 inches tall and weighs around 170 pounds. But if you think that's a break from the norm, you ought to listen to him as to where this Florida kid would like to play.

"I don't really want to play in Florida, I know that," Ahmad said. "I don't know, but I'd like to just play somewhere else beside in-state."

The top candidates for that are Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Ohio State and Nebraska right now, the Rebels and Huskers having offered Black in writing. And of that group, Black said he will probably visit (unofficially) LSU, Georgia and Ole Miss at some point this spring or summer.

As to the Huskers, Black said that he likes the work ethic of the Huskers and he said that of his conversations with cornerback coach Phil Elmassian, he likes the fact that he's straightforward, because with some schools, you don't always know. "I just got done talking to this one school and it sounded like they were feeding me a line," he said. "They make it sound like you are the best ever or something like that."

"I don't know, because it's nice to think that, but when you hear stuff like that, you think they are just telling you whatever to get you to go there."

Black will no doubt get even more of that as the year progresses, especially if he hits his goal of 10 interceptions this year. He's going to be awfully popular if he can put up those kinds of numbers for his team. That's ok, because Black isn't necessarily looking for THE team, but he's definitely looking for A team, which can fit everything he feels he needs.

"I don't really care if a team is playing for a national title," Ahmad said. "I'm just looking for a team that has an opportunity for me to play early, because if they have like six DBs, I'm probably not going to go there. I'd just like a place that has good coaching, a good chance for me to play right away and they know how to put guys in the league."

"I am not really looking at much else."

Black said that as of right now, if he were to name any leaders, it would be LSU, Georgia, Nebraska and Ole Miss. There's some interest in staying in the south, but it's not going to ultimately determine where he goes. "Hey, if it fits me, it fits me and I'll go wherever. Weather and distance don't mean a thing."

"But I'd like it if it wasn't in Florida. Outside of that, I don't care."

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