Like father, like son?

For most kids, it's always been a dream to go to Nebraska and play football. You don't even need to have a parent that attended the university. But, in this case, this player's father was a standout on the football field in Lincoln in the early 80s on some very successful teams. That made the dream even stronger.

The last name Gdowski is very familiar to Nebraska fans. Jake Gdowski is a standout at Grand Island (Nebr.) right now. He is a 6-foot-3, 250-pound tight end who has a 4.74 40-yard dash. He is related to one of the Gdowski's that played at Nebraska.

"Yeah, my dad played there in the early 80's. My dad is Tom Gdowski," Jake said.

Jake may not be a player that projects to play the position that he currently plays at the next level. Most people see him making a move inside to either guard or center. Nebraska has already had the talk with him about this.

"The Nebraska recruiter told me that I should try to put on some weight to possibly play guard or center. That is what they are thinking. I play a little tackle. We have a couple formations where I line up at tackle. The Iowa State guys are saying to not put on weight and work on quickness. Nebraska is saying to get up by 270 by football."

The Grand Island teams are historically very tough. Last year's team was no exception and made it into the playoffs. Gdowski had a very good junior campaign. "We got to the first round of the playoffs and lost there. We lost to Omaha Burke. I have my stats written down somewhere, but I can't find them. I was second team all-super state and first team all-conference."

It isn't so hard to envision Gdowski playing interior line because he does a lot of blocking right now. The teams at Grand Island aren't known for their passing attack, but that gives Jake a lot of opportunities to throw some blocks.

"Probably my footwork and just using my athletic ability to get position to get the block are my biggest strengths. Our whole offense is running. I mean, we threw maybe two or three times a game. I did a lot of reach blocking and I had to be quick off of the ball and have good footwork."

This summer will be busy for Gdowski. He has one combine planned and a couple of camps. The bottom line though, is that these camps and these combines are starting earlier and earlier and it makes it tough for those kids that are in spring athletics to make it to them.

"I got the Nike camp. I am going to the one in Stanford. That is the only one that would fit with track and everything. That is the only one that wouldn't interfere with anything. I am going to the Nebraska three-day camp and the Iowa State one day camp. I will go down to the Nebraska spring game if I can. They invited me down there. I should be able to."

It probably goes without saying that it has been a goal for Gdowski to play football at Nebraska given that his father played there. But, he isn't unwilling to take a look around if other opportunities present themselves. "Yeah, it's always be my main goal to go down to Nebraska and play for them. But, if some other place has more need for me, or something comes up, then I will look into it."

Gdowski has some ideas what he is looking for already when it comes to picking out a school. It seems that he will have his eyes on the football team and the ability to get a good education. "Probably just a great program with great coaches. They have got to have great academics. That would help too."

This summer will be busy for Gdowski who is going to start to listen to some people about where he will potentially end up playing in college. This summer will include a lot of work trying to put on size and strength. At the same time, he is looking to not lose a step in the 40 with these new gains.

"This summer I am just looking to put on size, overall. I want to keep my speed and everything else up. Just trying to put on size, I guess. That is something that I am willing to do. I am fully ready to do whatever they tell me to (to get an offer). I just want to try and get a little bigger and keep the rest the way that it is."

Gdowski hasn't received any offers yet, but he is receiving some fairly serious recruiting information. He has gotten some hand-written mail from one team outside of the immediate region as well as everyone in the Big 12 North. "No, no offers yet. I talked to the recruiter from Nebraska. That is Coach Elmassion. Vanderbilt has sent some handwritten letters. Kansas State has sent a bunch of letters. I have pretty much gotten letters from all of the Big 12 North."

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