Hitting Texas a priority for Nebraska

On the surface it would seem that Nebraska wasn't satisfied with getting just one Texas player last year. That isn't a knock on Will Henry, but you'd have to believe that Nebraska was trying to get just one player from one of the biggest producers of college football players in the nation.

It may only be March, but I am a believer that Nebraska is trying to get more going in the state of Texas this year. Recruiting is funny. Meaning, that nothing is guaranteed about it. There aren't many things surrounded with more uncertainty than the game of recruiting.

But, recruiting can be influenced. Influenced by numbers. Increase the number of offers in an area and increase your chances of getting players there. Nebraska seems to be doing that early on this year despite Texas, once again, having a number of great, early commits from the Lonestar state.

It's impossible to know 100% of the recruits in Texas that Nebraska has actually offered, but even not knowing all of them the number is pretty impressive. Nebraska, by our count, has already offered 14 players in the state of Texas. Here they are and here are some of our thoughts on them.

Ron Brooks - Brooks is a 6-foot, 170 pound cornerback/wide receiver who is already holding some impressive offers. Last year he caught 48 passes for 776 yards and eight touchdowns. We will be catching up with Ron very soon to discuss his thoughts on Nebraska.

John Chiles - Chiles really stood out at the Waco Scout.com All-American combine a week ago. At 6-foot-1 and about 190 pounds, he is a quarterback that probably projects more to wide receiver or even running back on offense, but could play defense as well. The thoughts are here that Chiles will eventually commit to Texas.

Bret Harris - Another Irving (Texas) MacArthur standout like Ron Brooks who has been known for turning out some strong division one talent recently. Harris may have a Nebraska offer, but it doesn't seem that Nebraska has a realistic shot here.

Ahmard Howard - Howard is one of three players that Nebraska has offered from Brenham and is one of five players that Brenham has that have division one offers already. I have spoke with Howard in an interview yet to come and Nebraska, or any team outside of Texas, doesn't stand much of a chance.

Cody Johnson - Johnson is a bruising tailback who has size and speed in one package. However, his latest list of favorites doesn't include Nebraska and doesn't even include a school that one would consider too far away. Nebraska has an uphill battle on their hands here.

Richetti Jones - Mr "All-Everything" has a Nebraska offer along with about 40 or 50 others. He has just been unbelievable the past two seasons at Lincoln putting up 148 tackles over the past two years and 41 sacks. Jones has been tight-lipped on favorites, but it is hard to believe that he will go too far from home.

G.J. Kinne - Kinne is one three quarterbacks that Nebraska has offered from Texas. He is also one of the more over-shadowed quarterbacks in the state despite having one of the best resumes. While it would see that Kinne is open, a leader in Oklahoma emerged recently and Nebraska doesn't have a very good chance here.

Jaret Lee - Lee is the second player from Brenham that Nebraska has offered and one that Nebraska might actually have a shot at. The 6-foot-3 and 190 pound quarterback has Nebraska in his list of favorites very early in the process and he would have to like the quarterback picture at Nebraska next year.

Ryan Mallett - This is a player from Texas that most Husker fans have been aware of since last summer. Mallett is a huge quarterback at 6-foot-6 and over 210 pounds. He is also the least mobile of all of the quarterbacks that Nebraska seems to be looking at. Early money has Mallett to either Texas, Arkansas or Michigan.

Joseph Reese - This name should be familiar to Husker fans. Joseph is the younger brother of Terrell Reese who Nebraska recruited last year. Joseph is an excellent athlete who, despite his brother going elsewhere, seems to have a legit interest in Nebraska.

Christian Scott - There isn't much known about this player, but it got back to Big Red Report that he is holding an Nebraska offer. At 6-foot and 185, he is someone that you will find in the secondary or as a receiver more than likely. He might also pass up the recruiting interest that Mike Morgan received last year.

Shawn Sullivan - Sullivan is the third player at Brenhamd that Nebraska has offered and the player whose Nebraska's chances of landing are probably the greatest with. Sullivan is an athletic cornerback who at 5-foot-11 and 175 pounds likes to be in man to man coverage. He might be camping at Nebraska.

Curtis Thomas - Thomas is arguably the top safety in the state. At 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, Thomas may be one of the top players in the nation. He isn't real serious about recruiting right now, but that will catch up with him. When it all ends, he could be one of the top safeties in the nation.

Terrance Toliver - Toliver is the big wide receiver in the state this year. At 6-foot-5 and 185 pounds, he won't have blow you away speed, but that doesn't mean that Toliver is slow. He averaged 20 yards a catch and scored 10 TDs. He has Nebraska on an early list of favorites.

The bottom line here for Husker fans in the state of Texas is that it is early. However having already offered 14 players from Texas means that Nebraska hasn't given up on the state and might have made it a priority to get back in there and start pulling some players out of it. That is good news for Husker fans.

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