Texas standout getting noticed after Combine

It's that time of the year, combines starting to sprout up around the country, kids trying to go from being obscure in the eyes of the college coaching nation, to those firmly affixed on their radars. Joshua Gaines is one of those and based on his performance at the Scout.com Combine in Waco, his name could become very well known.

At just over 6 foot, 2 inches tall, weighing 205 pounds, Hendrickson high school's Joshua Gaines has good size for the future. And for those that got to see him personally at the Scout.com combine in Waco, his frame screams potential.

It's not his size, though, or even his other measurements are of interest, because those only mean so much.

This kid can cover

Not like a DB per se', though, Gaines seems to exhibit the kind of hips you need, even at his size. But project him to the linebacker position or even safety, his ability more than fits the bill. It's something that he's so confident in, when he does get lined up on say, a tight end or H-back, there's not many ways he thinks he can get beat. "I usually don't have many problems with the bigger receivers or tight ends," Gaines said. "I just get up into them and play them as close as I can."

"I don't worry about them getting physical with me, because I can close on them and out jump most of them."

From the linebacker spot, Gaines totaled 117 tackles last year, including two sacks and he forced three fumbles. On offense, he averaged over 10 yards per rush, tallying over 700 yards on just over 50 carries for the season.

You combine his already impressive numbers with his perhaps even more impressive upside physically, you've got a young man, who should be receiving a lot of attention down the road.

Of course, it's not like he's suffering right now, sporting one written offer from Oklahoma State and hearing from schools like Florida, Clemson, Oklahoma, OSU, TCU, SMU, Texas, Arkansas, Tulane, Georgia Tech, Nebraska and Stanford, just to name a few.

All the mail coming in by the week isn't phasing Gaines, though, and he's pretty certain as to when he'd like to have his decision. "After my season is over, I'll probably take my visits and figure things out from there," he said. "I don't really have any idea about any of these teams right now. I haven't taken a look at anyone."

Outside of watching Miami as a kid and growing up a fan of the Maryland style of defense, there's little to northing Gaines has found out about any teams, which could make them a definite favorite. But he knows location isn't an issue, nor will weather be or whether that team is a returning national champ or someone trying to get there for the first time.

"I just want to contribute, do what I can to help the team and have fun playing defense," he said. "That's really about it. I haven't looked at things much more than that."

Gaines said that he could be unofficially visiting schools like Oklahoma State and Texas A&M and perhaps Arkansas.

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