Nebraska's search for yet more safeties

Getting attention in Texas isn't easy. You can't be good. You have to be darn good or you are going to get lost in the shuffle. That's something Skyline high's Christian Scott doesn't have to worry about as he's already caught the eye of plenty of teams around the country and he's sporting some pretty impressive offers as well. Nebraska is one of the latest to jump on this prep star's bandwagon.

At almost 6 foot tall, weighing approximately 190 pounds, Christian Scott has the size to fit a variety of positions. Throw in a 6 foot, 4 inch high jump and the fact that he competes quite well in the 4 x 100, 4 x 200 and 4 x 400 for his team, impressive athleticism joins his more than adequate size.

Now all he needs is a position

To Scott's credit, he can play both sides very well, varying his positions from RB, to Safety, QB to LB and almost everything in between. This year Scott will be Skyline's starting quarterback, his team running the spread offense, and of course, he'll be doling out the licks on "D."

You don't have to ask him twice, though, what he wants to play in college and point of fact, what position almost every team is recruiting him to play, but he'll almost just as quickly say that you pick the position, he just wants to play.

"I want to be a safety, because that's what I think I do well, because of my speed and the way I play downhill," Scott said. "I'll play anything, though. Just stick me on the field, I can get it done. I just want to play some ball."

Not hard to figure that one of Scott's main criteria is his opportunity to do just that and as soon as he can. It's not about competition or the lack thereof as much as it is just seeing a way he can fit into the mix as soon as he can. "I'm just looking for my chance to compete for a spot like anyone else," he said. "Nobody has to tell me a spot is mine, because I know you have to earn that. I just want to see that an opportunity is there."

Scott already has a nice list of choices in regard to those who have offered him. From close to home from teams like Texas A&M and TCU, to outside of the state, including Oklahoma, LSU, Nebraska, Florida State and Wisconsin. That's just the short list as he's got more offers, but of course, he wouldn't mind if there were at least a couple more.

"I wouldn't mind seeing USC and Texas on that list," Scott said. "It's not like I would just go to either one if they offered, but it would be nice to have those two to choose from. But, if they did offer, they would obviously be high on my list."

Right now, though, it's about who has offered and that's where his attention is going right now. But it's also leaning toward attending a few camps, if he can get those figured out sometime soon. Ironic that Scott isn't sure where he will camp, because he hasn't gotten any invitations. "I got a couple here, but nothing else as far as invites to their team camps," he said. "If I get something from that school, I will take a closer look at them."

You probably get the idea that much like any recruit, this one will be looking at those more who are looking at him. And to that end, Christian said he's had the best frequency in communication with the Aggies, Wisconsin, Florida State and LSU.

Of course, there's a long time to go

"I'm looking at everyone that's looking at me and I am not making my decision anytime soon," he said. "I'm looking at everything, everyone and doing as much research as I can."

"This is a big decision, so you have to think it through and think about what is best for you. That's where I am at right now."

There's no other combines in the future for Scott, nor does he have any unofficial visits planned as of yet. Basically, with track season in full swing, he's checking out many of these teams from afar. When the summer approaches, that's when he could hit the road. Now he's trying to figure out just where he's going to be heading.

Big Red Report will keep track of Christian once he does hit the pavement and see if Nebraska is one of those schools that he'll take in along the way.

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