Texas QB plans early decision

It's no secret that Nebraska could use a good quarterback in this class. Actually, they could use two. If they can get one perceived "lock" in that they are someone that could be seen to play early in their career, they can go after another, who might be seen as someone, who will be able to develop into the position. The bottom line is, though; Nebraska needs quarterbacks. And one of their best shots, at least right now, could be Brenham, Texas' Jaret Lee.

With 40 touchdowns to only eight interceptions last year along with a completion percentage of almost 68, you don't have to ask about Brenham high school standout Jarrett Lee's efficiency. And standing 6 foot, 3 inches and weighing right around 200 pounds, while he's not Ryan Mallet-like in size, I doubt anyone would have any problems with Lee's frame either.

He's a self-labeled prototypical QB, but it's not because he can't run. As a well-honed functioning part of the "spread" offense, he chooses that as the last option when all those downfield are gone. "I can run when I have to and I can move around the pocket really well," Lee said. "But I will keep looking for that guy downfield, because that's how this offense is set up."

"Only if you are getting flushed out of the pocket or you don't have anything downfield, that's when I would take the ball and go."

Thankfully for this offense Jarrett didn't have to do that a lot last year as he was behind center enough to accumulate a whopping 3,400+ yards. That's more or less a byproduct of the system, but at the prep level, that's a ton.

Lee's concern his last year isn't on bettering those numbers, unless you simply look at it as part of why his team will be a success. His goals are all about what he can do as an individual as it pertains to the team. "We've got like seven starters coming back on offense, so I think we are going to be pretty good," Lee said of his unit, which helped his team to a 14-1 record last year and a semifinal appearance. "For me, I just want to get better, bigger, faster – everything I need to lead this team back."

It's going to be his focus for certain as you would expect, but for Lee, he plans on giving it his full attention this year. Not wanting to think about anything else other than school and his final season of football, he's looking at recruiting right now with the idea that a decision will come before his senior year officially starts.

Those lucky enough to get in on him early are obviously the prime candidates for his services in the future. And right now it's Kansas State, Wisconsin, Houston, TCU and Nebraska, who have said they want this lone star standout…..in writing.

Of those who haven't offered him as of yet, but still remain very high on his list are, of course, the home team Texas Longhorns and their bitter rival, the Oklahoma Sooners.

Since Jaret's decision is expected probably late June up to mid-August, he's already got unofficial visits planned for Texas on March 25th, both TCU and Oklahoma in the early part of April and he'll visit Texas Tech on the eighth and then he'll visit Nebraska on the 15th.

Right now, of those teams that have offered Lee, he says one team sticks out. "I like Nebraska, because they have been recruiting me pretty hard and I have talked to both coach Watson (TE coach Shawn Watson) and coach (Bill) Callahan," Lee said. "I really like the offense they have and I know they definitely need a quarterback in this class."

Aside from the Huskers, Lee said that if he had to pick a top three, it would be the big red, followed by the other big red down in Norman and then the defending national champs in Austin. No order and Lee said that how the team did last year won't have much to do with the decision he makes for his future. "I care more about how I get along with the coaches and what the program is like when it comes to everything, not just how they did on the field," Lee said. "Besides, I want an opportunity to get in there and show what I can do."

"I don't have to start right away, but I wouldn't mind going to a place where I will have a chance to do that – basically just the opportunity to play."

Two years ago, with the commit of Zac Taylor and Harrison Beck, Nebraska was looking pretty good at quarterback, Taylor and Beck joining then freshmen Joe Ganz and Beau Davis, along with junior college transfer Jordan Adams. Taylor is going into his last year, though, while Beck's burning of his redshirt and being the probable starter in 2007, have made this an interesting depth chart, if not an outright slim one.

Due to the lack of time coming from Davis, Ganz and Adams, along with the loss of their only quarterback commit last year, Josh Freeman, the position went from a "need" to a position of urgency.

Jarrett Lee joins players like Ryan Mallett of Texas high school, Canton, Texas' G.J. Kinne and Chris Forcier of St. Augustine high school in San Diego, California, as some of the signal-callers are hitting the hardest.

With Lee's projected time of decision, however, and Mallett looking as a possible lean to Michigan, Kinne to either Baylor or Oklahoma and Forcier probably not making his decision anytime soon, that could be Lee in the driver's spot for one of the vacancies at Nebraska if he wants it.

And with a commitment of his caliber, that could open the door for the Huskers to take a quarterback like Omaha North's Phillip Bates, who has already been offered as a QB by Nebraska, but Bates is not realistic as a first or maybe even second year player at the position. The big red getting someone like Lee could give the coaches the time they need to get Bates up to speed.

As it is, Nebraska needs quarterbacks – at least one, probably two, but one of them has to be a slam dunk. The Huskers lost out on their top prospect at the position last year, but they simply can't this year. They need a top QB and another, who could be a realistic contender one, possibly two years down the road.

We'll keep track of Lee as his progresses through the off-season, takes his visits and, of course, after his visit to Nebraska. Could he be shot in the arm the Huskers sorely need? Stay tuned to see.

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